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Antique International / Farmall Tractor: Farmall A (Hi-Crop)

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This is the high clearance version of the Farmall A. The engine is offset to the left, and the seat and steering is offset to the right. This gives the driver a great view of the ground beneath the tractor when cultivating.

Farmall A (Hi-Crop) Tractor

Do you have any comments or questions about this tractor? Ever use one? Know anyone who owned one? If so, please join in on the discussion below. Use the form for entering your comments.

Comments on this Tractor

LeeAnn Reinecke wrote on Sunday, October 20, 2013 (PDT):
  • I learned to drive on my dad s Model A. He passed away last spring and I am wondering if we should sell it or keep it for old times sake. Anyone know what it would be worth It has the sycle on the side and still runs.
    Matt wrote on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 (PDT):
  • I have a Farmall A that has always been a workhorse. The governor spring broke, I replaced it and now, it just has no power. The governor speed lever just flys forward, but the power isn t there. What makes the governor speed lever fly forward
    robert bean jr wrote on Saturday, July 28, 2012 (PDT):
  • I would love to talk to someone that knows alot about a farmall A tractor, I got a 1944 farmall A andit ran as new, but i let it run out of gas and it hasn t hit a lick sence, clean gas glass bowl, clean plugs- has blue/white spark, can choke for 3 or 4 rounds and will wey plugs , check compression - 90 to 108 psi....please somebody tell me what is wroung! A Big Thanks...have a bless day
    Tim wrote on Sunday, April 29, 2012 (PDT):
  • How can I tell if the clutch is goin out I have no problem puting it in to any gear but it doesnt hardly move at all. I was curious to know if I may be just missing something simple or if there is a clutch adjustment that I could make It runs great but has no power in any gear. As I said in the above it will barely move in 1st gear and in Reverse but does nothing in 2nd , 3rd or 4th gear. I would greatly appreciate some advice.
    Roland Bronson wrote on Thursday, February 23, 2012 (PST):
  • looking for the dept control lever that goes with a farmall cub 189 two way plow plus the dog bones and the rock shaft L, have all the other parts I,am located in northern N.H. call 603 444 5044.
    Roland Bronson wrote on Thursday, February 23, 2012 (PST):
  • looking for the dept control lever that goes with a farmall cub 189 two way plow plus the dog bones and the rock shaft L, have all the other parts I,am located in northern N.H. call 603 444 50o44.
    Ward Sutton wrote on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 (PST):
  • I have a 1941 Farmall Model AV, that I have decided to sell. The last time I had it running was about 2 years ago. It runs great, but am sure it needs a new battery. I have had it for about 22 years and up till a few years ago, I used it every year to mow our small acreage. It has a 1959 5 ft. Woods Belly Mower on it and does a great job of mowing. I have no idea of where to try to sell it or how much to sell it for. It has been repainted, motor rebuilt, and looks real good. Would appreciate some suggestions of where and how much to list it for. Just getting too old to use it anymore.
    Lowell hacker wrote on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 (PST):
  • I recently purchased a super a, it has a different grill covering the radiator it has mesh on both sides of the center vertical post the mesh is full of vertical and horizontal holes about one quarter inch in diameter. The line at the top of the grill lines up with the hood line which leads me to believe that it is original. Can anyone tell me the significance of this grill THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR REPLY
    Shannon Wycuff wrote on Sunday, September 04, 2011 (PDT):
  • just baught a farmall A that does not have the serial #tag. i believe it might be a 1939 because it does not have electric start and the hood is bolted on instead of having the hooks underneath if anyone can tell me if you can tell by the casting # s i would greatly appreciate it.
    Bart A. Besley wrote on Sunday, March 27, 2011 (PDT):
  • Farmall AV For Sale, see info above from June 2010. 607-857-9209
    Chris Harkin wrote on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 (PDT):
  • I have a Farm All Super A 1952. Looking to replace the front tires as they have been running on car tires for years. Other tractor companies in the district have laughed at my predicament. Where can I purchase tires in Australia, better still Queensland
    Mike Welge wrote on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 (PST):
  • My father just bought a Farmall FAAV high clear as a non runner! Dad and I worked on it just under 4 hrs! The farmer that owend this tractor wrote on the side loose, last ran 3 years ago, shes a bit rough, she runs like a top! The info I have found in a book says that they made 3,602 of this style tractor. Every tractor we buy has a perment home with the rest of the farmalls,internationals,ac,john deeres,massey,we love the little ones! Resqued one from being flooded for a 3rd time and that cub runs great! If anyone needs questions answerd e-mail me.
    Bart A. Besley wrote on Thursday, June 10, 2010 (PDT):
  • I have a Farmall AV, High Clearance, that I would like to sell. It has an attachment on the rear for planting schrubs etc. I bought two from an old nursury and haven t had a chance to work on this one yet. If interested you can contact me an I will get some pictures to send you and get more info for you.
    Elmo Hinkle wrote on Sunday, April 18, 2010 (PDT):
  • My father pirchased a Farmall Super A is a 1954 model.he used it on his small acerage plus doing custom mowing and garden came with a two bottom plow and handled it very well.after he passed away it was used very little for several years.I had it put in good mechanical shape and painted with new is a very nice looking piece of equipment.I will pass it on to my son and grandson.
    Gary Lentz wrote on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 (PDT):
  • My grandfather, Athol Lentz,Sr owned a Farmall A in Grove,OK when we moved to the farm in 1950. I learned to cultivate with it when I was not 8 yrs old. My father, Gerster may have sold the tractor. Sure wish I knew where it went.
    Joey A. wrote on Sunday, March 14, 2010 (PDT):
  • I recently bought a Farmall A tractor. It is not a high rise just regular. I am working on restoring it. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I can find detailed pictures or photographs of the A model so I can see what my tractor orginally looked like. I can tell some parts are missing and others have been modified. If someone could help me with this it would be greatly appraciated. Thanks
    Joe Roberts wrote on Tuesday, October 27, 2009 (PDT):
  • A friend of mine has a two bottom trip plow. The trip mechanism is up high and is driven by a chain from the wheel. We cannot find any manufacturer name on it anywhere. Does anyone have any idea who this manufacturer is
    Bonnie E. Johnson wrote on Monday, October 26, 2009 (PDT):
  • My twin brother has a super A farmall, 1954. We were raised on a tobacco farm and we raised peanuts and corn also. I had 2 brothers that had to do a lot of cultivating. I am trying to find something with several pictures of farmall tractors on it,older model ones to give to my brother for Christmas. He has things like that hanging in his shop, although our parents have passed on and none of us farm now but if any of us would have farmed,it would have been him. He has several tractors and has never farmed since he got out on his own. In our area you have to be a huge farmer to make a go of it. It is nothing like it was when we were growing up. It s a shame that some things have to change. Anyway,he is a big fan of farmall tractors and has caused me to have an appreciation for them as well.
    Jerry wrote on Saturday, October 03, 2009 (PDT):
  • To Wade Combs, by the serial number list on the site here, it is likely a 1948 Super A. The numbers they list are from the 250s to 268. I am considering buying and restoring a 1947 Super A to cultivate the garden I am clearing out. I have a 140 with a fast hitch for the plowing and other work.
    Wade Combs wrote on Thursday, October 01, 2009 (PDT):
  • I recently aquired a very old Farmall tractor. I believe it is a super A. I can read the serial number as 264227 but the Model number is unreadable. I would like to try and restore it but I have to find out what year and model it is. I have seen several pictures on the net that look very simular but not exactly the same. It is possible between the years of 1946 to 1948. If anyone can give me some assistance in this and how to get more info for the restoring of it.
    Lisa Hughes wrote on Thursday, July 30, 2009 (PDT):
  • I own a 1946 Farmall A tractor that runs perfectly because my brother makes new parts for it when needed. His machine shop is located in Lansing, MI. You can check out his website for Langenberg Machine Shop. Anyway, I d like to sell it to him now, and I m wondering what a fair price would be. In 1993 it was appraised at 1200. Thank you.
    alan wrote on Sunday, April 26, 2009 (PDT):
  • have a international,model# FAA-1,serial#354947,can anyone tell me the year,and availbility of parts
    Clyde Hayes wrote on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 (PDT):
  • I inherited an Internationa Harvestor Farmall Model A, SN#FAA 167939. I m not sure of the year but was told it is about a 1941-3. The hydraulics run off the exhaust system if that gives a better idea of the mfg year. This hydraulics system is in need of repairs. I do not know what the parts are called but the plunger inside the canister needs a belt of some sort. Can anybody help me in finding this part, the part name s , and/or letting me know where I can order parts for this I can also use some educating on this model if also know where I can research. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
    Orval wrote on Sunday, February 01, 2009 (PST):
  • I have a International Farmall just purchased can not find the seriel # don t know if it is a a 1943, 1944. It is an A maybe Super. Does anyone know how to find out year I need a parts book when I find out what year it is. Thanks Orval
    jim wrote on Friday, July 18, 2008 (PDT):
  • i am looking for an exsault lift for a farmall a
    Herb wrote on Friday, June 06, 2008 (PDT):
  • My email is QUIETHERB at EPIX.NET. Phone 570 388 6110. If someone could tell me how to determine a year of a Farmall A with no serial number plate, it would be appreciated.
    herb wrote on Wednesday, June 04, 2008 (PDT):
  • I have a Farmall A with no serial number. There is nothing on the seat brackets, or anywhere else. I would like to know how the year can be determined. It looks like the tracktor had been refurbished.
    Chy Brown wrote on Sunday, March 30, 2008 (PDT):
  • DAVE BIRDSEY from 7/2/06 I have an IHC A-21 sicklebar mower that is complete and in great condition. Located in Finger Lakes area of NY. 607 243 5997
    Mark wrote on Monday, January 21, 2008 (PST):
  • JUST got a great running 47 farmall A series culti-vision tractor in Premo condition on a trade for 27 fence posts...YEP I had to deliver the posts...its more fun than my 20 thousand dollar Kubota B21 with backhoe. IS there a Grader blade attachment for these farmall tractors What a HOOT !!!
    john Meade wrote on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 (PST):
  • Anyone know how to install a directional piston in a plow, Fisher Plow
    john ryan wrote on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 (PST):
  • we have recently acquired a 1942 model runs well and the body is in need of some modest attention.we would like to be able obtain some under carriage equipment if possible.
    Dianne Clawson wrote on Sunday, November 11, 2007 (PST):
  • I have two tractors Farmall A and Farmall located in a small town in south Arkansas. I cannot find a serial number and don t know what year they were built. They re both garage kept. Can anyone help me find out how much they re worth I have digital photos. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    wayne clayborne wrote on Sunday, August 19, 2007 (PDT):
  • wanted to buy farmall highcrop hc mv av cv any shape wayne clayborne mt. vernon ohio 7403922805 7403922800
    Lane Saarloos wrote on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 (PDT):
  • I have a 8n with a Wagner trip lever style front loader. I have heard it referred to as a parachute style because you almost have to jump on to the tractor seat while holding each fender.I need to replace the 2pivot pins where the loader rotates on the frame of the loader. Can any one point me in right direction to replace these parts
    golf cart wrote on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 (PDT):
  • The moddle you have is a Farmall AV it was widely used in Califonia and Florida, the v in the name has been believed to be vegitable and it has the high clearence for the vegetable reason.
    Linda Johnston wrote on Friday, April 20, 2007 (PDT):
  • We have a 1941 International AV. Has cultivator and wheel weights. New tires, too. Would be interested in seeing it go to a good home. You may call 989-762-5122. Located in Michigan. We ve used it as a garden tractor and no longer have a big garden. Runs swell.
    John O Keefe wrote on Monday, March 19, 2007 (PST):
  • I have a 1946 Farmall A I need to sell can anyone give me an idea of what it is worth. It has been garage kept no Hydrolics. I have some extras for it. I just want a starting point.
    AL wrote on Monday, July 03, 2006 (PDT):
  • Unlike Brendan, I haven't broken my steering box on my 1940 FAA yet, but neeed to repair the better than one inch travel (in & out)of the steeling wheel. Can someone tell me what the problem is and would heating the steering box up using a cutting torch work?
    dave birdsey wrote on Sunday, July 02, 2006 (PDT):
  • I have a 1948 Super A in excellent condition. I am looking for a A-21 sickle mower for it, " must be in good condition".Any help in locating one would be ppreciated.
    John Fontenot wrote on Monday, June 26, 2006 (PDT):
  • You might try Klump tractor parts in Kinder La. Phone # is 337-738-2554.John wish I could help you more.
    John wrote on Saturday, June 10, 2006 (PDT):
  • Looking for culivators and linkage for 48 super A high crop, needed for farm in ca. Any help locating would be of great service to us. Thankyou
    WARREN LOBELL wrote on Thursday, June 08, 2006 (PDT):
    Brendan wrote on Saturday, May 13, 2006 (PDT):
  • Has anyone out there removed the steering wheel from a Farmall A? I spent all winter coaxing the nut off with lots of penetrating oil and patience, afraid I'd break it. After I got that off, I dimpled the steering shaft with a gear pull before learning that underneath a bit of rust hid a drift pin or key. Gentle tapping does nothing, but I don't know in which direction to use greater force. It looks as though drifting it back toward the driver might damage the teeth of the shaft. Please help, feel free to email to "lawbrendan at" Thanks.
    verlin logan wrote on Thursday, April 27, 2006 (PDT):
  • I'm wanting to buy a 140 farmall tractor.the tractor i've been told is a 1976 and is in good condition. what is a good selling price ? what is this tractor worth? someone please let me know.verlin in arkansas
    Helen Davidson wrote on Monday, April 24, 2006 (PDT):
  • Looking to purchase an International Farmall Super A Hi-Crop Tractor. Perferably with some attachments. Will consider one in non-running condition.
    Josh Sumner wrote on Sunday, April 09, 2006 (PDT):
  • about to buy a 1970 or 71 farmall hi crop, just wanted to see if i could get a ballpark price for the tractor and all the equipment,sweeps, fertilizer spreader..etc.rough condition .but does still run.
    Josh Sumner wrote on Sunday, April 09, 2006 (PDT):
  • about to buy a 1970 or 71 farmall hi crop, just wanted to see if i could get a ballpark price for the tractor and all the equipment,sweeps, fertilizer spreader..etc.rough condition .but does still run.
    Kevin Chadwick wrote on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 (PST):
  • I have a Farmall A,the serial number plate by the seat is missing, asI need to purchase new exhaust and inlet valves,how do I age my tractor as all sites refer to serial numbers to order spare parts.Where can I purchase new valves and any idea of the correct part numbers.Kevin
    JEAN wrote on Thursday, March 09, 2006 (PST):
  • What is the correct price for a FARMALL A 1948 in a very good condition?
    amnon barkan wrote on Tuesday, February 28, 2006 (PST):
  • i look for farmel a 1950 or 1951 or 1953 and want to buy it and bring it to my home in israel/ my father work with this tractor and it's very impirtand for me.can some one want to sell?
    Mark Owens wrote on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 (PST):
  • I am looking to purchase a Farmall model A. What tips do you have in making the right purchase?
    Julie Sizemore wrote on Sunday, January 01, 2006 (PST):
  • I am looking for a International Farmall Super A High Crop in good working condition with cutivators and hillers, etc... Please let me know if you have one for sale.
    Stephen wrote on Thursday, September 29, 2005 (PDT):
  • I have a Farmall tractor that I am thinking is a model A. The problem is that I cannot find a serial plate under the seat, where I am told that it should be. Is there anything else that I should look at that can identify it? Also is there a way to make a 3-point hitch on these tractors? I am needing a new coil, cap and rotar and plug wires. Every impliment store around me just tells me to get the numbers and when I say that I dont have them they say, tough luck. I NEED HELP!!! Please email me with any information.
    N.C.Tillou wrote on Wednesday, September 07, 2005 (PDT):
  • Spent many hours on a Farmall "A", not the hi-crop version, when I was a kid. Actually broke it in half one day when I got the single bottom mounted plow wedged under a rock ledge. Was standing on the plow to force it in the ghround and leaning over the seat to steer.Before i could get back over the seat and my foot on the clutch I broke the large bell casting that held engine and tranny together. There was no frame members on these little tractors,the bell casting was the "backbone" of the tractor.Anybody else ever break one.Dad was so upset about me breaking our small tractor (we also had an "H" and a old International crawler)that he bought me an F-14 and defied me to break it. I tried until we quit farming in 1962 and never could break the thing.
    Joey Anzalone wrote on Wednesday, August 03, 2005 (PDT):
  • I recently purchased what I believe is a Hi-Clear Super AV. There doesn't appear to be a model & serial number plate anywhere. Any igeas to ID the tractor. Also there is no dipstick to check oil. Where do I check oil. Thanks
    Will Murley wrote on Friday, July 22, 2005 (PDT):
  • I am restoring a 1940 Farmall A SN FAA 6924 and am having trouble removing the right final drive assembly. The brake band on that side is either broken or disconnected. I have removed all the bolts from that side, but cannot get the assembly to slide out.
    Dale Bowman wrote on Sunday, June 12, 2005 (PDT):
  • Just acquired a Farmall A, Serial #FFA 194664. Was told it was a 1940 Super A. Is that correct? One cylinder is hung up. Needs fenders and tires for the most part. It appears the main part of the tractor was originally red and the sheet metal was blue. Have heard this could be a rare one but I doubt it. Anyone have any info?
    Randal Tillery wrote on Wednesday, June 08, 2005 (PDT):
  • I have a 1948 Farmall A, and I'm looking for any and all implements that fit it including cultivators, plow, belly mower, disks, etc. I'm also looking for a working or at least complete pneumatic lift-all for it and any of the attachments that use the lift all. I'm also wondering if anyone knows whether any of the Cub implements are compatible with the A. Thanks, Randy
    George wrote on Monday, May 23, 2005 (PDT):
  • I have a 1945 Farmall AV with a single bottom plow, cultivators, and a Woods model 301L bellie mower that is in excellent condition. Converted to a 12 volts system. 2 drawbars & a PTO. No hydrolics. New tires with wheel wieghts. Lights that work, front & rear. New radiator core in May 05. Fenders & sheet metal very good cond. Runs excellent and starts quickly. Am concidering selling to get something w/3PH to use in the vineyard. Photo available.
    Wayne Morgan wrote on Friday, May 13, 2005 (PDT):
  • I have a model A. dont know what year but the lift works off the exhaust. Runs good but need some lift parts any ideas? Also do you have any pictures? Thanks Wayne
    Fred Hellyer wrote on Sunday, April 10, 2005 (PDT):
  • I have a 1945 Model A Farmall. I want to restore it. It needs a front grill. Where do I start.
    Luke Bracken wrote on Tuesday, April 05, 2005 (PDT):
  • In august 2004 i bought a farmall AV at an auction for $1200. It runs great and was in good condition. I am a 13 year old boy and since then I have restored it to perfect condition all on my own. I love this tractor and am happy because I paid for every expense of it.
    Larry Brown wrote on Wednesday, March 30, 2005 (PST):
  • Does anyone know how much a 1944 Farmall A Weighs?
    dave k wrote on Friday, March 25, 2005 (PST):
  • I have a 1941 farmall A that has a problem with the electrical. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this. It has one light on the front right and is a four cylinder engine with a coil and generator.any help would be appreciated
    a wrote on Monday, March 07, 2005 (PST):
  • how many hand plows going on?
    tedthestick wrote on Saturday, January 15, 2005 (PST):
  • I have a super a. My job is failure analysis. Imagine a 1953 model with maybe 300 hours on it ,always shedded and only driven by a little old lady. The only parts of this tractor that are not original are the paint, tires and sparkplugs/filters/fluids. It not only has the metal Id tag below the seat, it also has the paper patent tag.It starts and runs better than my new fuel injected truck.It shows no wear on any bearing surface,be it gear,wheel or steering.They dont build them like this anymore.I love this tractor.
    Julian braun wrote on Thursday, January 13, 2005 (PST):
  • I would like to know what year of Farmall A tractor I have. The serial number plate is missing. I would like to know what year or if its a Super A. Its got a single post shock absorber seat. A latch style engine cover instead of the normal common head screw latch. I would like to restore this tractor so if anybody knows any information please email me. Thanks, Julian
    Jeff Klingenfus wrote on Wednesday, January 12, 2005 (PST):
  • I own a A farmall would like find a sickle bar mower,rear or side mounted that, would fit an "A". Thanks, Jeff
    Pat O'Connor wrote on Wednesday, December 29, 2004 (PST):
  • I am restoring a farmall super a for an ffa project and i need to know if they had a water pump or not and any other information that i can get about it
    jeff johnson wrote on Monday, December 27, 2004 (PST):
  • i need an engine block for a '41 A
    C.B.Kron wrote on Sunday, December 19, 2004 (PST):
  • I have a Farmall A which has a seat with one large, central coil spring instead of the more familiar seat. I can't find a serial number in the normal location. Can someone tell me more about it and the year of manufacture?
    Cody Isaak wrote on Friday, November 05, 2004 (PST):
  • I have a Farmall A that I am restoring. I am going to use it for harrowing we use it for sawing wood.If anyone has a back tire for Farmall A please e-mail me.
    Biged wrote on Thursday, October 28, 2004 (PDT):
  • just purchased a 46 a high crop in bad need of paint otherwise runs
    Charlie wrote on Sunday, September 26, 2004 (PDT):
  • For sell a 1948 farmall super A.IN VERY GOOD CONDeSION.Any one interrested in it
    Gestur Gunnarsson wrote on Sunday, May 30, 2004 (PDT):
  • In the spring of 1955, at age of 13 my carrier in the field of engineering, started by driving Farmall A. It was in the farm Lykkja, Kjalarnes, Iceland. We was harvesting hay the farmer a I. He drove the new Ferguson. Sometimes I started the work after milking at 10 o"clock and continued until 22 in. It was hard work but good school. Gestur Gunnarsson Reykjavik Iceland
    JerryPonto wrote on Sunday, May 16, 2004 (PDT):
  • Hello! I have a "McCormick Farmall Super A" tractor that I am thinking of selling. The serial number is 309937 (1540) and the engine number is 354898R1. I would like to know what year the tractor is. The tractor has new rims and tires [11.2 X 24],(I still have the old ones also). It has a one-point hitch, chisel plow, back blade, etc. I also have the operator's manual. Any idea of it's approximate value? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
    Edward Lund wrote on Monday, April 26, 2004 (PDT):
  • I own a 1942 Farmall A. was running 2 years ago, although barely. As Bob wrote on 2/16, where can I re exite the magneto? I'm in Littleton, Ma.Thanks.
    Doug wrote on Thursday, April 22, 2004 (PDT):
  • I have a 1947 Farmall Super A/Cultivision A. The 2 designations are in identicle circle emblems, over/under type. Does anyone know what the difference is between mine and the standard Super A. Its not a Row Crop, it sits the same height as the std. Super A. I appreciate any info on this. Thanx.
    Shaun Esbenshade wrote on Saturday, April 17, 2004 (PDT):
  • Hey i think i am about to get a Farmall A 1954.Can anyone tell me info on it? and how can i get dents out without destroyin the tin?..thanks a bunch email me at Rebelhunter706 at later
    Brian Haas wrote on Monday, April 12, 2004 (PDT):
  • I have a 1940 Farmall A that I would like to have restored. I live in upstste N.Y. do you anyone qualified in or around the area that would be interested in doing this for me.
    Gene Madaras wrote on Thursday, April 08, 2004 (PDT):
  • Whom do I contact to find a rebuilt or repairable head for a farmall FAA ser.# series?
    Rodney Veinot wrote on Sunday, February 29, 2004 (PST):
  • I live in Nova Scotia, Canada could anyone tell me where I could buy a starter for a 1950 0r 1952 Farmall A tractor?
    allen wrote on Tuesday, February 17, 2004 (PST):
  • I have a 51 Super A and I am having hydraulic trouble.When I use my harrows for an hour or more it does not want to lift them,but I can let it cool a while and it goes back to working.If you can help me with this problem please let me know as soon as possible. THANKS
    Bob White wrote on Monday, February 16, 2004 (PST):
  • I am restoreing a 1947 Farmall A need fenders, seat,steering wheel etc.Also need info on how to re excite the magnito as I have no spark.Thanks for any info
    don wrote on Saturday, January 31, 2004 (PST):
  • have a farmall super a serial# 334590. would like to know the year of the tractor
    Wayne Mooneyham wrote on Friday, January 30, 2004 (PST):
  • I need a Woods mower for my Super A,to include every thing needed to attach it. Would also like a belly cultivator. Tractor has hydraulics.. Thanks for any help.
    Bruce Miller wrote on Monday, December 29, 2003 (PST):
  • The farmall super A Hi clearance tractor would be great for my large market garden We have lots of big equipment ,but a dedicated precision tool for cultivating ,set at one row spacing for most crops would save a lot of time setting up cultivators. Can these old tractors handle the steady work? Are parts hard to get?Which model is considered the most dependable? How can I find one in BRitish Columbia Canada? Thanks Bruce MIller Pemberton BC Canada
    Jim Nickeson wrote on Friday, November 14, 2003 (PST):
  • I am looking for a Super A that is restored or in excellent condition to be restored. A location in the upper midwest would be great.
    Fred Shunk wrote on Monday, September 29, 2003 (PDT):
  • If anyone is interested in obtaining a 1941 Farmall A high crop (I thought it was Row Crop)to restore contact me. This tractor is part of the Estate of Mary E. Osborm that is in probate now in Alpena County. Attorney for the estate is David P. Werth, 989-354-4104, 313 N. 2nd Ave, Alpena, 49707 Estate administrator is John Osborn, (517) 467-4919 938 Meadow Lane South, Brooklyn, MI 49230 I started driving this tractor in my grandfathers hay fields when I was nine years old. I'm now living in Las Vegas. I'd hate for this old tractor to simply set in a field and rust away but I'm not in a position to do anything about it right now. I know it needs a fan mount bracket and a radiater, and it needs a generator. It should also have a valve job.
    Kenneth Green wrote on Thursday, September 25, 2003 (PDT):
  • I need to know the correct setting for the points and valves for farmall a. thank you for any help
    Carrie V wrote on Monday, July 14, 2003 (PDT):
  • I am restoring a 1939 Farmall A that my father had bought for $850.00 in Kentucky. I am working on it for a 4-H project.
    Jack HANES wrote on Tuesday, July 01, 2003 (PDT):
  • Looking for Hood Name Plates for a T5 International Crawler Also would like information on a Farmall A tractor has no hydraulics. whaT are a piston and sleeve assembly worth for this tractor? Any info appreciated
    Joe Labiendo wrote on Friday, May 30, 2003 (PDT):
  • I have a Super AV, i am looking for aftermarket 3 point hitches and i want to mount a brushog mower on it. Has anybody done this? Is the offset PTO a porblem? thanks
    ben wrote on Friday, May 30, 2003 (PDT):
  • That tractor is not a Farmall A it is a farmall AV
    Wayne Sutton wrote on Wednesday, May 28, 2003 (PDT):
  • If your battery charges too much can you place a jumper or depolarize the system on the 6 volt generator/regulator system and how to install same?
    Donald wrote on Wednesday, May 21, 2003 (PDT):
  • We just bought a farmall not for sure what it is. Where can we find the serial, model number. It came with a front end loader and we having problems with the hydraulics on it. Can anyone tell us what kind of pump it has and what kind of fluid it needs? It looks alot like this one
    CHUCK SMITH wrote on Tuesday, February 18, 2003 (PST):
  • Does a 1944 Farmall A, have a PTO, and/ or hydaruclics? This same tractor missing seat, carb, mag, air cleaner, be worth $600.00?
    Ann Smith wrote on Monday, February 10, 2003 (PST):
  • I have a Farmall AV and was wondering if it is possible to mount a plow for snow. If anybody has one for sell please e-mail me. Ann
    Dick Tafralian wrote on Friday, January 24, 2003 (PST):
  • I am lookinf for a farmall A to restore If you have one close to Dallas, Tx please contact me. I prefer to have electric start. Thanks
    Sam wrote on Sunday, January 19, 2003 (PST):
  • I have '51 super A with single bottom moldboard, under belly cultivators, and New Idea sicklebar mower to hook on the PTO. It is a great little tractor, but I'm trying to figure out how to get a snow plow for it, other than making one. Have 5 acres, so tractor is just about right size for my big (3 acre) garden. I was wondering where can I get new stickers for it, and a front emblem. Also, what is the belt drive good for, nowadays? God Bless! Sam
    glen wrote on Friday, January 17, 2003 (PST):
  • I have a 49 farmall A tractor that I was using to plow with in the winter.however the last few weeks the motor will not keep running.I tried a put a rag on the air intake with the choke on but it run until a put it in gear or lift the plow.
    jose sepulveda jelvez wrote on Thursday, January 16, 2003 (PST):
  • hello; I write them from chili manual ,necesito of maintenance for tractor farmall, model is FAA-V. series n 326898. if your you have but information favor to send. ingindus at attn. jose sepulveda j.
    jim wrote on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 (PST):
  • just got one not sure if its super a or av modl#FAA-V serl#307 sure would like to know it has the 36" wheels and long front end jim grahamchristine at
    Jerry Feist wrote on Sunday, December 08, 2002 (PST):
  • I have a 1948 or 49 Farmall A with a Woods mower. Tractor has been repainted with new farmall stickers. Brand new rear tires. This is a nice tractor. I was using it to mow a model aircraft flying site. We have since aquired the city to mow the site and I have put my tractor up for sale.
    bob wrote on Monday, November 04, 2002 (PST):
  • I have a 41 A that I added hydraulics to and have a 16 in. plow from a cub{ supposedly the same as for an A}, but need to see pictures of the hookup to the tractor.
    Matt M wrote on Thursday, September 12, 2002 (PDT):
  • How fast did the "A", go?
    John Clarke wrote on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 (PDT):
  • Exhaust Lift Farmall_A - needed information about parts for an Exhaust Lift either a manual or your knowledge
    victor wrote on Sunday, August 04, 2002 (PDT):
  • farmall 100 hiclear rough shape what is it worth please let us know
    DAVID MCCOLLISTER wrote on Monday, June 10, 2002 (PDT):
    Andy Chapleau wrote on Monday, June 10, 2002 (PDT):
  • I have an "A", I'm looking for any ground engaging impliments. If any one has anything to fit this please let me know. I also have most of a draw bar mounted mower. some one has adapted an electric plow pump to raise and lowwer, it is missing the cutter bar. Would like to sell mower or buy cutter bar.....either way is ok.
    Andy Chapleau wrote on Monday, June 10, 2002 (PDT):
  • I have an "A", I'm looking for any ground engaging impliments. If any one has anything to fit this please let me know. I also have most of a draw bar mounted mower. some one has adapted an electric plow pump to raise and lowwer, it is missing the cutter bar. Would like to sell mower or buy cutter bar.....either way is ok.
    Ray Adams wrote on Thursday, May 23, 2002 (PDT):
  • I just got two farmall 100s one runs good the other I dont know. my question is did they make a rear mower for them they are a 1 point hitch.
    Tedd wrote on Monday, May 20, 2002 (PDT):
  • I recently bought a 1947 Farmall A. It came with a single bottom plow and also cultivators. Does anyone know of a good website or book that shows all the implements for these tractors and how they are attached. Can figure out how to get the cultivators on... Thanks.
    Fred Gonzales wrote on Sunday, May 19, 2002 (PDT):
  • I recently purchased a 1952 Farmall A tractor and would please like to know if anyone might have some information on where i could find a operators or sevice manual for it.
    kenny wrote on Friday, May 10, 2002 (PDT):
    Tim Howe wrote on Saturday, April 27, 2002 (PDT):
  • I have a 1954? surper a. Both rock shafts move slow and seem to labor the pump in one direction (pulling the cylinder into the block on both). I have replaced the check valves, the pressure regulator is in good shape, checked and cleaned all the screens, and can find not other problems. The pump has been replaced(before I owned it). Both rock shafts move fast and strong in the other direction. Is this normal? if not what is my problem?
    R. Redmond wrote on Saturday, April 13, 2002 (PDT):
  • I have a 1942 AV Hi-Crop Farmall. SN# 85932. I found the year by using the SN# at a Yahoo site for Farmall tractors. I hope this might help someone. What I would like to know is the actual value of my AV. It has electric start, 4 cyl. gas engine and NO hydraulics at all! Although it is in serious need of an engine rebuild and restoration, it is a joy to do the garden with!
    brian correll wrote on Saturday, April 06, 2002 (PST):
  • I need a price on famall[A] tractor yrar 1939 been overhaulded and new tires.
    charles w hawkins wrote on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 (PST):
  • I have an A farmal for sale. This tractor was bought new in Athens Ga. in 1941 and has been used only to work gardens and small corn patches. The planters and fertilizer hopper have never been installed on the tractor and are in new condition. The culterivors are complete. This tractor is being used to work a small garden. The vacume lift has been removed and is in storage. I use the hand lift. This would be a nice tractor to restore.
    Nick Russo wrote on Monday, March 25, 2002 (PST):
  • I am looking for info on the seed plate drive for a super a/v. I am trying to install it and am not sure what to with current bearing in there.Is there a smaller one or just remove it??
    Nunn wrote on Monday, March 11, 2002 (PST):
  • I have a 1952 Super A Farmall. The tractor is in fair shape, it needs new tires, a paint job, etc. I also have a 1954 or 1955 super a Farmall. This tractor also needs to be restored. I need sugestions on what these tractors is worth, in good, and in fair condition.
    David Gray wrote on Saturday, March 02, 2002 (PST):
  • I'm trying to obtain information about a Model A farmall tractor serail number F.A.A. 333286. It also has an operating bush hog. The model is a servis? I think it's a 64" cut. I would appreciate any and all information regarding this tractor.
    C. Deahl wrote on Saturday, February 23, 2002 (PST):
  • I'm currently looking for a farmall av to restore. If you live in the IN,IL,KY,TN area and have any info on were I may purchase one please tell me. Preferably running and the engine block in good condition(no cracks). Thanks
    Ron M wrote on Wednesday, February 06, 2002 (PST):
  • TO; D. Miller & Ralph Fisher - Are your A tractors still for sale? Please post a note if so.
    Ron M wrote on Wednesday, February 06, 2002 (PST):
  • TO; Philip Moore & Mike Shutt - Are you interested in selling your cultivators. I would also be interested in trading a single bottom, single point, quick attach plow for 'A' cultivators. Please post a note if interested.
    Lucas Baskim wrote on Wednesday, November 07, 2001 (PST):
  • I currently own a high crop "A" and am currently placing it for sale. My new property has too many hills and slopes for the top heavy tractor. What is the current value for this machine, condition is very good.
    Joe wrote on Sunday, October 14, 2001 (PDT):
  • I just bought a Super A which has a very loose front end. The play appears to be in the steering box. Is there an adjustment? Or do I look for new gears? Thanks
    Ralph E. Fisher wrote on Monday, September 10, 2001 (PDT):
  • I have a 1942 Farmall A with new rubber all around, electric start, recent overhaul, engine and transmission, reworked front end, disc harrow, disc hillers, front and rear cultivators, single moldboard and numerous parts. Excellent running condition. Tractor was used to work a one acre garden for the last 30 years. Located in West Tennessee. Owner just passed away. Let me know if interested. This tractor has been well maintained.
    Joe Maurath wrote on Saturday, September 01, 2001 (PDT):
  • I am in the St. Louis Missouri area
    Joe Maurath wrote on Saturday, September 01, 2001 (PDT):
  • I have a Farmall A which thru the years has been used for parts, however there still are some good parts such as front and rear wheels, valve cover, steeering arms etc. that may be of interest to someone at a reasonable price. Model A Serial # 1aa183072
    Lewis smith wrote on Wednesday, August 22, 2001 (PDT):
  • need any type owner's manual for super a farmall,
    Allen wrote on Monday, August 20, 2001 (PDT):
  • If anyone is interested. I would like to trade a 50 Farmall Cub for a Farmall A. The cub is in good shape runs great. Needs hydraulic work nothing major. Would like to trade straight out. I'm located in Eastern N.C. Thank you.
    jerry wrote on Saturday, August 18, 2001 (PDT):
  • what is a FAB ? an A , B? what is the F ? for Farmall? thanks ,just a beginer
    scott wrote on Saturday, August 18, 2001 (PDT):
  • ive never seen or heard of anything regaurding that tractor
    brian johnson wrote on Thursday, August 16, 2001 (PDT):
  • Just got a Farmall # F-AAV (the V Is a little larger than the other letters) 307112. Can anyone tell me the year?
    Brian wrote on Tuesday, August 07, 2001 (PDT):
  • If anyone has a farmall A and they are interested in selling it please e-mail me. It doesn't have to be restored but hopefully running and with an electric starter.Thanks
    david t. wrote on Wednesday, July 25, 2001 (PDT):
  • I have found a 100 Farmall high clearance in a scrapiron pile. The tractor is missing fenders,seat,and floorboard. My question, are the fenders taller on a highclearance modle? If so any information would be greatful!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!
    Bill McDonald wrote on Monday, July 16, 2001 (PDT):
  • just bought an "A" farmall, motot is locked up, could anyone give me an idea as to how I should start to free it up?
    Nick Melander wrote on Sunday, July 08, 2001 (PDT):
  • I have restored a 51' Super A. Anyone know if there is a standard three point hitch kit available and where I can find one? Thx in advance.
    Ed Rendell wrote on Friday, June 29, 2001 (PDT):
  • In case my good friend (and brother in Christ) should read this, I am quite pleased , and honoured to have "Buster" in the yard. I am actively seeking for ways to get her back to her former glory.
    Ed Rendell wrote on Friday, June 29, 2001 (PDT):
  • I have a IH Farmall A, a friend of mine was moving and could not take it with him. He used it often and I know he has a real affection for the old girl. I checked the Serial number , which is 4540, '39 model, engine #FAA-107-76 I need a starter for this one, it was converted to 12V, I think the bushings are shot, lots of sparks off brushes. Starters out there ? I'm in Northern Ontario Canada
    Ed Kleck wrote on Friday, June 22, 2001 (PDT):
  • I have an IA International not a farmall Igot it new in 1946 I removed the wires on the generator and the control panel about 30 years ago and can not remember how to rewire it can anyone help me...
    Nick Russo wrote on Thursday, May 31, 2001 (PDT):
  • Just purchased a 1949 Super AV w/cultivators,currently looking for the sidedressers for this great tractor!!!NJ area
    Rick Byrd wrote on Saturday, May 12, 2001 (PDT):
  • I have just purchased an A' and cannot get enough of it. It needs paint all around but has no deterioration- anywhere. I have a new muffler for it but have no stack to mount it on(very thin and crushable exhaust pipe remnant). So, I am now considering buying an exhaust manifold with associated piping to accomodate the muffler. Any better ideas out there? Am also interested in getting one set of front wheel weights- have a pair of 140 Lbs on rear already. Any help on this as well?
    Jeff Bendremer wrote on Thursday, May 10, 2001 (PDT):
  • Does someone out there have a snow plow to fit my 1946 Farmall A? No hydraulics of course.
    Phin Sprague wrote on Saturday, April 21, 2001 (PDT):
  • There is a Farmall Model A Serial # FAA 56455 abandoned in a field, been there for ten years can someone tell me the year and if a motor is available. Owner said I could have it. I'm going to go get it. Can't stand it. Thanks
    Randy Kuhn wrote on Tuesday, April 03, 2001 (PDT):
  • I have recently purchased a 1941 A, FULLY RESTORED for only $1,500.00 at an Auction in Kempton, PA. It's my first tractor since moving to the area 2 month's ago(Feb.) And Wife willing, It won't be my last! I've always respected farmers for the hard lifelong work they do on a daily basis. I live on top of a 4 acre hill that overlooks a multi acre farm that was built in the mid 1800's. It is still well mantained and fully functional to this date (and hopefully for a long time to come). Like I said it's my first tractor, and I have given my neighbor (the farmer) my word that I will make myself available whenever he needs assistense. I want farming to stay in this country where it belongs instead of farming out our livelyhood to other countries! In closing, I feel that each and every farmer still in existance deserves the respect of everyone who they come in contact with whether it be face to face or through the product they produce. I would like to personally thank Mr. HARVEY MUTH (the farmer/neighbor), for all that he has shared with me up to this point and I look forward to working side-by-side with him on his farm for many years to come. Thanks HARVEY!!!!!
    Wayne KRause wrote on Sunday, March 25, 2001 (PST):
  • I,m looking for a pair of good fenders for my 1949 Farmall A for a restoration project. Can anybody assist me in this request?
    nick wrote on Friday, March 09, 2001 (PST):
  • it is an AV not a V
    Joe Floriano wrote on Thursday, March 08, 2001 (PST):
  • I am looking for a super "A" in the MI and WI areas. Preferably not restored, but must run. I am looking for a project to relive my younger days!
    mike wrote on Tuesday, December 12, 2000 (PST):
  • mike; dec,12,I own a farmall hi-crop, runs needs some tlc has cultivator bar & 3 point assy any idea its value or year
    ray wrote on Thursday, December 07, 2000 (PST):
  • i have a farmall special a,,,i was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it,,i know there were not many produced,,and would like some info on it and to its value
    ray wrote on Thursday, December 07, 2000 (PST):
  • i have a farmall special a,,,i was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it,,i know there were not many produced,,and would like some info on it and to its value
    Chris Todd wrote on Wednesday, November 22, 2000 (PST):
  • I live in the central Ohio area and am looking for any Super A's that are available. Would consider all. Am looking at getting my feet wet at restoring. Thanks!
    Norbert Nielsen, Kenmare, ND wrote on Sunday, November 19, 2000 (PST):
  • Have one bottom plow (model A-192) and need lift handle tha bolts on tracto platform.Any body can would be appreciated.
    Hank wrote on Thursday, November 02, 2000 (PST):
  • I have a 1939 Farmall A (FAA-2798)I think this is the first year they were made. Can some one tell me approx. value I am going to be selling it runs fine.
    Russ Stauffer Calgary AB CAN. wrote on Monday, October 23, 2000 (PDT):
  • I am restoring a 1942 farmall A serial # IAA 95055 I realize the I stands for industrial and I want to paint it back to its original color YELLOW , but I don't know the shade of yellow.Can someone help me with the paint code? Thanks
    Russ Stauffer Calgary AB CAN. wrote on Monday, October 23, 2000 (PDT):
  • I am restoring a 1942 farmall A serial # IAA 95055 I realize the I stands for industrial and I want to paint it back to its original color YELLOW , but I don't know the shade of yellow.Can someone help me with the paint code? Thanks
    Tim Bechdol wrote on Monday, October 16, 2000 (PDT):
  • have a super a need to know how to hookup belly mount cultivator picture would be great P.O. box 5094 Gallup,N.M. 87305 thanks for this shed
    JULIUS wrote on Saturday, October 07, 2000 (PDT):
  • I am restoring a 1946 Farmall AV. I purchased a battery box believing it would fit just as an A would. To my suprise it's on center distance for the tabs on the side is 6 inches and the other A's I have measured is 5 inches on center. Why would Farmall change the specs between the two models I would like to know.
    Deon Nel wrote on Tuesday, October 03, 2000 (PDT):
  • I am busy to restore a Farmall 100 Hi corp but cant get the chrome decalls can any body help me
    Johnny Chavers wrote on Tuesday, September 12, 2000 (PDT):
  • I am considering buying a Super A farmall. What's the difference between this tractor and a Super A?
    P. Biggs wrote on Saturday, September 09, 2000 (PDT):
  • i've got farmall a disc but it's all in pieces. does anyone have a detailed photo of one. thanx, Phill
    Marcus Lowenthal wrote on Saturday, September 09, 2000 (PDT):
  • I to colcect Farmall tractors but have never seen a Hi Crop Farmall before. yours is in fantastic condition. If you could send me a picture without the other tractos in the background it would be wondifful Thankyou.
    Casey wrote on Friday, August 25, 2000 (PDT):
  • For Ray Brittner the A has about 14 HP at the drawbar
    Jim Gemmrig wrote on Sunday, August 20, 2000 (PDT):
  • Have a farmal,model A with no hydralics,would like to put three point on it,need now what hydralices came out on this model,and what attacments were avabile
    Vincent Liskovec wrote on Monday, August 14, 2000 (PDT):
  • I need parts to connect a snow blade or plow to a Super A Farmall tractor. I have a blade and some of the brackets. I need the brackets that would connect to the tractor. Please let me know. If someone also has a picture of how to connect the blade I would appreciate the picture. Thank you very much. Vince Liskovec
    Bernie Merli wrote on Monday, July 31, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have (2) Super A's and (2) A's and am looking for a block or a good running engine for a Super A. Any information would be appreciated
    Ray Brittner wrote on Wednesday, July 05, 2000 (PDT):
  • Does anyone know the horse power rating on a 1940 Farmall A?
    Ray Brittner wrote on Wednesday, July 05, 2000 (PDT):
  • Does anyone know the horse power rating for a Farmall A?
    Ken Roffel wrote on Wednesday, July 05, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have a 1947 Farmall A that has been completely restored. The 3 year project was worth the effort as the Little "A" recently won first place at the May Day celebrations in Fort Langley, British Columbia. Fort Langley is also the home of the First Capital of British Columbia. The tractor pictured above is identical to mine. My serial numbers also start with FAA and the tractor is a "Cultivision A I have applied for a collector plate from the Provincial Government in order to run the tractor legally on the streets during parades. However, since the tractor was never registered and I do not own a farm, the process is taking longer than expected. Any restorations of Farmall A's going on near where I live, I would be delighted to offer any tips or suggestions.
    Lynda Weese wrote on Tuesday, July 04, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have a farmall that looks like the picture. I am unsure of the year at this time. It has a hydrolic bucket also. I am considering selling it. What should I ask for it? It is used on the farm daily. Thanks Lynda
    Chad Isham wrote on Tuesday, June 13, 2000 (PDT):
  • Need a PTO for a Farmall A model. Any suggestions for a source appreciated.
    RICHARD LANCE GRAFF wrote on Saturday, June 03, 2000 (PDT):
    gloria knecht wrote on Saturday, May 13, 2000 (PDT):
    Dover B. wrote on Wednesday, May 03, 2000 (PDT):
  • I am looking at purchasing a Farmall Super A. The current owner says it is a 1948. The problem is we can not find a S# plate. Can someone tell me where the S# plate maybe and/or was located?
    Richard Pavadore wrote on Friday, April 28, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have a 1942-1945 Farmall A tractor. I cannot find the serial number on it. I heard the serial number can be linked to the year. It is in good condition and I use it for hay rides all the time.
    marsha smith wrote on Wednesday, April 26, 2000 (PDT):
  • My family has a Farmall A. If the original seat bracket/seat is missing, how do we find out what year the tractor is?
    Pam Stiteler wrote on Monday, April 24, 2000 (PDT):
  • 4/23/00 I have run one of these tractors Farmall AV. They were used mainlly in the south for surgar cane and tobacco farms. I donn't have my book in front of me but there is a way to tell what year they are by the letters in the serial #. We are restoring one at the moment for the tractor show that is coming up in our area. Would love to here from you on this tractor.
    Rusty Carpenter wrote on Saturday, April 15, 2000 (PDT):
  • Looking for a GOOD Farmall Super A, preferably with a Woods Belly Mower. Does anyone have one for sale ?? Thanks!
    Dick Lyness wrote on Tuesday, March 21, 2000 (PST):
  • Looking for the FOB price of a 1939 Farmall A, in 1939?
    Philip Croff wrote on Tuesday, March 14, 2000 (PST):
  • Last summer I bought a restored AV with new rear tires. Runs real nice, and I got it for $2500! Does anyone know how many they made of the AVs? Also, what is the value of one?
    stephen paugh wrote on Friday, March 03, 2000 (PST):
  • To Llew I have a beautiful book called FARMALL TRACTORS that my son gave me for Christmas.It is available at Chapters in Bayers Lake. It is written by Robert N Pripps. This book has a Model,Serial Number, and Production Year Summary which is wonderful and will help you Identify certain models by serial number. I live in Middle Musquodoboit and my phone number is 384 -2809 if I can be of any help to you please give me a call.
    Rich Greenwell wrote on Wednesday, March 01, 2000 (PST):
  • I recently purchased an old IH/Farmall it has seen a few different coats of paint and most of the wires were eaten by the previous owners goat. I was told it ran good before that, but it has been a couple of years since then. Any special things I should do before trying to start it? Also how do I find what model and year it is? Thanks.
    Llew Chase wrote on Tuesday, February 22, 2000 (PST):
  • The price for a working Farmall A in Nova Scotia is around $1500CDN. I have an 'A' with a serial #FAA 121385 and would like to know what year it is and if there is a way to tell determine the year on other Farmall units that I look at to purchase?
    Hendrik wrote on Thursday, February 17, 2000 (PST):
  • To Mike Gleason. The width of my '48 Super A is 64" and the height (top of steering wheel) is 66". Width can be adjusted to less than 64".
    Mike Gleason wrote on Thursday, February 03, 2000 (PST):
  • My shop door is 64" wide and 77" high. Would a Model A fit through if I removed the exhaust pipe?
    john wrote on Thursday, February 03, 2000 (PST):
  • did they make the A with a belt driven hydro? i have a book on the A & they only talk about the hydro running off the motor. also does any one know how hard to change to 12 volts
    Todd wrote on Wednesday, January 26, 2000 (PST):
  • Question-I have a Farmall Super A and the steering knuckle has more than average play in it. How do I go about fixing that. Also, I'm looking for the 3-pt hook-ups (between fenders, to cylinder, and drops) can anyone tell me where to find or start to look? Thanks
    Tom wrote on Monday, January 17, 2000 (PST):
  • I have a M H pony I got in a trade it is all there and locked up make offer
    greg moch wrote on Thursday, January 13, 2000 (PST):
  • to mike shutt for engine parts and other items try central plains tractor parts out of sioux falls sd ph # 800-234-1968 they have a web i did engine overhaul on my '40 A and all went well. they are a pretty good company frommy experience.
    GREG MOCH wrote on Thursday, January 13, 2000 (PST):
    Paul wrote on Wednesday, January 05, 2000 (PST):
  • I have a '45 "A" in decent shape. It has the lights option and the adjustable-width front-end. I recently re-wired it and everything electrical works fine. When I turn the lights switch fully counter-clockwise, the ammeter reads "0", as if it isn't charging. But if I turn the switch one notch clockwise, no lights go on but the ammeter reads a charge. Is this normal operation? Also, the adjustable front-end seems to be stuck. I removed the pins and loosened the breckets, but I can't get it to move. I'm afraid to bang too hard in the wrong place to free it up. Any suggestions?
    Ed Rossino wrote on Sunday, January 02, 2000 (PST):
  • I own a 1960 Farmall Model "A" like some information. Which type of belly impliments are used with the hydrulics and which type are used with the PTO ?
    Laurie McCloy wrote on Saturday, December 25, 1999 (PST):
  • ihave a farmall A, 1947, i tow a 2 furrow internationalplow. i have wanted a farmall all my life and have finally got one in my sixties. They're a great wee tractor
    michael brophy wrote on Friday, November 26, 1999 (PST):
  • I've just inherited my granddad's IH model A, a 1944 which he purchased at a town auction years ago. It runs well, but needs restoration. Any advice or input appreciated! No E-mail (yet), but phone # is (401)7898774 RI.
    Paul Macuch wrote on Tuesday, November 23, 1999 (PST):
  • I have a 1940 Farmall A and I have a set of cultivators from a Farmall Cub. The cultivator parts were not assembled and I'm not sure how they fit. Has anyone got photos of assembled cultivators and will the cub parts fit on a model A?
    Ross Cumpstone wrote on Saturday, November 06, 1999 (PST):
  • I have a 1942 Farmall A which is has duel wheels. This tractor was found in a hedge an was very tired. With a bit of fuel and paint it still does a good days work.
    David wrote on Monday, November 01, 1999 (PST):
  • Looking year for a serial number? Check
    David Clippinger wrote on Friday, October 29, 1999 (PDT):
  • Mike Shutt; A company named central tractor, based in Iowa, sells sleave and piston kits for the Farmall A and later tractors for about $300. They have an 800 number, but I do not have it on hand. Locally (for me) I can reach them at 4974 East Main Street, Batavia NY 14020 (716) 343-8567. They have a pretty good supply of parts, but I don't know of any other suppliers. If you write to them, they should send you their free catalog and 800 number. If you call them, their help is pretty knowledgeable and helpful. They also sell a shop manual for the A, which describes sleave and piston renewal from above. D.Orlando; I saw couple A's for sale locally for $1400.
    michael miller, AKA farmer mike wrote on Friday, October 29, 1999 (PDT):
  • Jeff Formo; the serial # tag should be on the left seat support, about 8 inches or so above the platform Philip Moore ; i think yolu tractor is probably a CUB, 140, 100 or something like that. i am interested in any farmall As, AVs, Bs, etc around the three corners of IN, MI, and OH. thanks in advance. you can go see my tractor at sorry shes not a perfectly restored thing, but.....
    Ken Campbell wrote on Wednesday, October 06, 1999 (PDT):
  • I recently purchased a Farmall A, and would be interested in seeing some pictures of others. Mine has been painted and has all new decals. I'm enjoying owning it. I've always been interested in tractors.
    Mike Shutt wrote on Sunday, September 26, 1999 (PDT):
  • I just purchased a Farmall A s/n 17588, looks just like hicrop pictured, but no generator. It is Magnito ignition and overhead valve. It has all under side cultivator stuff and PTO on back. Can engine be re-sleaved? No. 2 is cracked, otherwise seams to be all there. Engine No. is 6342 DD with a 2 under the number. What does this tell me?
    Jeff Formo wrote on Monday, September 20, 1999 (PDT):
  • I have a Farmall A, And I havn't found any kind of manufacturers tag on it. How do I find out what year it is?
    C. E. Fischer wrote on Saturday, September 04, 1999 (PDT):
  • 47 Super A not running-vacuum lift plow&cultivators, engine is free.been outside forever. I am new to tractor, is it worth $500.00? any input vvwould be helpful.
    D. Orlando wrote on Saturday, August 28, 1999 (PDT):
  • Been looking at an A , rebuilt and painted nice, good rubber,looks good, runs fair. guy wants $1800. Sounds a little high, not sure, any input as to normal price? I would appreciate some input as I'm new to the tractor fun!
    Tony Mcclelland wrote on Wednesday, August 18, 1999 (PDT):
  • I have a farmall super A which has all it!s casting codes with a T in them I think this translates to 1951 the little tractor is gem and a joy to own. Am I correct in the dating? Thank you.
    C. R. Benjamin wrote on Monday, August 09, 1999 (PDT):
  • Need any information that I can get on a Super A. This one has a loader with a single lifting arm. Mainly interested in diamentions, such as weight, length and width.
    C. R. Benjamin wrote on Monday, August 09, 1999 (PDT):
  • Need any information that I can get on a Super A. This one has a loader with a single lifting arm. Mainly interested in diamentions, such as weight, length and width.
    R.Tate wrote on Monday, July 26, 1999 (PDT):
  • I also just purchased a farmall A, not for sure what year, but I gave 900.00 dollars for it.
    D. Miller wrote on Sunday, July 25, 1999 (PDT):
  • We have a Farmall A purchased from our city garage about 14 years ago. It is in our shed. If we were to sell it, would anyone have a price we should ask for it. It runs well but needs some TLC in terms of cleaning etc. Maybe someone out there could give us a ballpark figure which I know would depend on the year which I'm not too sure of but probably around 39. And overall condition..would appreciate any input. thanks d. miller
    bret birdsong wrote on Sunday, May 16, 1999 (PDT):
  • I have a disk-plow for a M or H. Anyone interested,or have photos,or info, please contact me.
    John Hargis wrote on Thursday, May 13, 1999 (PDT):
  • We have a salvage yard in Mo. Please give us a call if you need any older IH parts from 1939 to middle 70's Please call at 5737837055 ask for John Jr
    Philip Moore wrote on Sunday, May 09, 1999 (PDT):
  • I have a Farmall very similar to the one pictured. The rear tires are not as tall and it says "Farmall" in Chrome metal letters on the side of the hood. It also has live hydraulics built into it, under the gas tank. I have the belly mounted cultivator too. I took it off, and I am trying to get a sickle mower attached to the rear. I have the mower mounted, but I am missing some parts. I need to get the parts that connect the raise/lower mechanism to the hydraulic arms that are mounted underneath the gas tank. If anybody has or knows of some pictures that detail the mechanism, please post the address here. Thank you, Phil.
    Bill wrote on Thursday, May 06, 1999 (PDT):
  • I also own one, it's a AV. Some pictures of it are in Guy Fay's book- Farmall letter series tractors.
    Dave Herbeck wrote on Friday, April 09, 1999 (PDT):
  • I own a tractor that looks just like this . It is a high ride and I was told it is a 1952 . The one thing is not the same is that my tractor , on the data plate , says " model FAA V (model FAA is printed and the V is stamped )and SN 334859 this would make me think this is a V model but I can't seem to find info on a V model . If someone out there could help me figure out what kind of tractor I own , for sure , it sure would make it easier to order parts and manuals . Thanks for any help .

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