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Antique Case Tractor: Case VAI

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This tractor is the industrial version of the Case VA. It began production in 1942 and ended production in 1955 with a total of 15031 unites.

Case VAI Tractor

Do you have any comments or questions about this tractor? Ever use one? Know anyone who owned one? If so, please join in on the discussion below. Use the form for entering your comments.

Comments on this Tractor

John Shawver wrote on Sunday, October 06, 2013 (PDT):
  • Need a 10x34 rim for a vac case if anybody has one. Also if any body can tell me the difference between a single and double bevel rim and if it matters witch one I get and they both will fit. Thanks
    John Kattner wrote on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 (PDT):
  • I have a 1943 Case VAC tractor that I can t get started since it ran out of gas last summer 2012 I checked the timing , removed the gas tank and cleaned it out, replaced valve under the gas tank,rebuilt the carburetor,installed new plugs,coil,distributor cap,rotor,points, condensor; replaced line from gas tank to carburetor. What else could be done or replaced to get it to start
    patrick wrote on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 (PDT):
  • i am looking for aoil pump for a 43 vai it is a vt.125 or just sell the tractor if anyone can help please let me know thanks pat
    jerry wrote on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 (PDT):
  • I have a VAI with a herny backhoe and loader. If anyone knows what year model it mite be i would like to know.
    John Morris wrote on Sunday, September 12, 2010 (PDT):
  • I have a what I belive to be a 1947 VAI. The serial number is VAI 5153758. It has been stored under cover for years but it stated right up and it runs great. All I had to do was clean the points and put in new gas. It doesn t have a side pulley or eagle hitch, but it does have a PTO. I am thinking of selling it for around 800. Can someone tell me if I have the year right and if this sounds reasonable for price Call me if you want 1.360.601.7826
    Bob Abbott wrote on Thursday, July 22, 2010 (PDT):
  • I have a VAC case tractor, would like to know the difference between a VAC and a VA Case tractor.
    James C. Wyatt wrote on Tuesday, July 06, 2010 (PDT):
  • I have a 1947 case vai tractor, and i want to sell it but i don t know how much to ask for the tractor. thank you Jim
    phil wrote on Sunday, June 27, 2010 (PDT):
  • double checking fluid for case vai in where shifter mounts need info thanks
    Chuck Shepard wrote on Monday, June 14, 2010 (PDT):
  • I have a case tractor that I am trying to identify,looks like a VAS. Where is the ID plate for this tractor. We have beeunable to find it. I can make photos of it if this would help.
    Don Johansen wrote on Tuesday, March 09, 2010 (PST):
  • I purchased a 54 vai last year ser,# 601#### managed to obtain the build card on it. Originally built for the Mn. hwy dept. starts and runs nice but geared pretty high for ground work and brush mowing. Has eagle hitch pto and loader that has had more repairs to than I can count
    Patricia Candrian wrote on Tuesday, March 02, 2010 (PST):
  • We have an unrestored 1946 Case VAI tractor that someone is interested in buying, but we don t know it s value. Can someone help us Thank you.
    Kris Johnson wrote on Sunday, December 13, 2009 (PST):
  • I have a 1948 Case VAC Narrow front tractor. I would like to sell it. It is unrestored and unpainted. I was wondering if anyone thinks somewhere in the ballpark of 2000 is out of the realm. Thanks
    Tom W wrote on Friday, December 04, 2009 (PST):
  • Looking to possibly buy a 1937 Case Model C or a mid 1940 s Case Model VAI. Would like to know more about their current unrestored value.
    Ron Pann wrote on Wednesday, December 02, 2009 (PST):
  • I ve a 51 VA std. with Wagner full hyd. loader, just saw another just like it for sale with wagner trip bucket loader and PTO and may get for future project. Any collector interest in these beside just utility snow removal chores The live hydraulic power is real asset. The PTO equipped one I m considering buying would be a good belly mower tractor for year-round use.The buckets remove easy, though the loader frame itself would be tough to remove.
    Keith Kapp wrote on Sunday, September 13, 2009 (PDT):
  • I have a 1953 Case VA. I looks exactly like the fire orange colored on pictured at the top of this form. It is a general purpose agricultural tractor. The following is what I understand the colors and model numbers to be -- I see that Mark wrote on Apr 29, 2000, that he had purchased a Case VAI and it was all yellow with no parts resembling red. Mark, It is supposed to be yellow . the VA I means industrial and industrial is yellow. I see a VAI for sale at Bonney Lake, WA, currently on craigslist and it is yellow, but advertised as a VAC. The VAC is fire orange . None of these are like Jon Arms rare VAIW. I also see Denny wrote on Jan 4, 2006, that he has a 1955 VAI. I believe all VA series ended in 1954. The serial numbers of all VA series indicated a year following the actual manufacture date, therefore Denny may be thinking it is 1955 because of the S/N.
    Joe Weaver wrote on Wednesday, July 01, 2009 (PDT):
  • Just bought Case val 1945 and would like good pictures of a restored one. Has power take off and 3 pt. hitch.
    Jon Arms wrote on Tuesday, May 27, 2008 (PDT):
  • I have a Case VAIW- Sn#VAIW 4935238. This is a VAI conversion to a warehouse or airport tug hence the W in the sn Sold by Perkins-Eaton Machinery Co. in Boston.I have manuals for VAI tractors, but does anyone have any info on this VAIW It starts and runs great. It has 16 rear wheels and 6.9X9 front wheels. The rear fenders are cast iron and must weigh about 600 lbs each. There must be a manual for this unit somewhere. Can anyone help me out
    JOE NEFF wrote on Monday, March 17, 2008 (PDT):
    Mark wrote on Saturday, January 26, 2008 (PST):
  • I have a rare 1942 Case V foresale In very good condition no rust or dings on metal.Runs no smoke.I show it in the museum of the appalachia.For more Info call me 423 784 1899.
    merle wrote on Sunday, December 16, 2007 (PST):
  • this is a good looking tractor.I have just purchased a vai case that looks very near that.I;m not shur what year I have but think it may be a 1951.I was told it was a 1945 when I purchased it ,my serial no. is VAI5559508.Its nice to see others like what you have.
    mike wrote on Wednesday, June 06, 2007 (PDT):
  • hi, i have a 1948 case via and lookig for a grille and some other parts can someone help. thanks
    Larry French wrote on Sunday, September 24, 2006 (PDT):
  • I,am looking for a back hoe that will fit on an old massey ferguson with a three point . Thanks so much larretired
    terry colp nova scotia canada wrote on Saturday, September 16, 2006 (PDT):
  • i have a 1948 case vai. love it. would like info on 3 point hitch.
    david shea wrote on Tuesday, September 12, 2006 (PDT):
  • I have a case "vai" tractor and i am looking for parts, mainly exhaust.
    Scott Barrow wrote on Wednesday, September 06, 2006 (PDT):
  • I have a Navy Model VAI with a nice plaque on the side, yellow paint, PTO and hydraulics. It is 12 volt conversion with an altenator. I need help with the brakes; are they drum, or disc. and how are they adjusted? Thanks, Gents.
    ronald j magee wrote on Sunday, July 09, 2006 (PDT):
  • bought a case vai gand shape woud like some help with info
    Mel Hansen wrote on Sunday, May 07, 2006 (PDT):
  • I am looking for imformation on a Nuefled 460 I have the tractor but no imformation
    Denny wrote on Wednesday, January 04, 2006 (PST):
  • I have 1955 VAI in excellent condition with an eagle 3 point hitch for sale. I have a Woods box scraper to go with it. All for $2800. Located in Northwest Ohio. 419-692-1720
    Mervyn Spencer wrote on Sunday, November 13, 2005 (PST):
  • A friend of mine has a Case VAC or VAI, unfortunately there are no serial or engine numbers. Is it possible to date usig the two casting numbers as with the International and Fordson tractors? Regards Mervyn Spencer
    Kris Robinson wrote on Saturday, October 29, 2005 (PDT):
  • Have 43 Vai, looking for information and photos of restored used on a US air force base to mow, What color would this have been, I also see that it has Veterans Administration decals with some kind of Badge on the side panels. I am looking for a picture of one restored or even with the sickle bar mower it originally had on it, now it has a belly mower rigged to the bottom running off of the PTO. Any information anybody knows would be very helpful in me restoring this tractor to original, thanks.
    Tammy Byrka wrote on Tuesday, September 27, 2005 (PDT):
  • My dad has a Case VAI-5055081 for sale. It has 9x24 rear tires which I understand is rare. All offers are considered, also if anyone knows where I would find out what year this tractor was made that would be very helpful.
    darrel briggs wrote on Sunday, August 21, 2005 (PDT):
  • have vai with blue grey paint under case paint color . is a miltary color or a paint primer if this airforce color .where would put dacals
    D Shelton wrote on Sunday, May 15, 2005 (PDT):
  • I have a va trackter i wont to sel looks and runs great I need a buyer so i can get a back hoe so if interested please email me or call me at 707 995 1715 thanks dan
    William wrote on Tuesday, May 03, 2005 (PDT):
  • I am looking for external expanding shoe type brakes for my Case VAI, if you have any information please contact me at my e-mail adress. Thank You
    Ted Osborne wrote on Monday, February 28, 2005 (PST):
  • I have two rear tires and rims ,size 11x28 that I took off the one I have.Mine is a 1951 vao that looks almost new now .New tires all round ,3 point eagle hitch ,,live pto.Will sell the old rear rims if anyone needs them. Make offer! thanks, Ted O.
    JAY WULFF wrote on Friday, September 10, 2004 (PDT):
  • First, I think the pic. is an orchard tractor. Second the correct color for the va series of tractors is Flambeu red.and they were all 6 volt systems.
    les mcdaniel wrote on Friday, September 10, 2004 (PDT):
  • I have a 1946 case va, that i'm trying to sell. Anyone who is interested, email me and I'll let you know more about it. Thank Les
    Gregg Wills wrote on Sunday, August 29, 2004 (PDT):
  • looking for a loader for a 52 vai case.that is ready to has a pto and eagle hitch..a loader in ohio or surrounding states would be nice,,thanks gregg wills in ohio
    John Dale wrote on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 (PDT):
  • I have a 1951 case and use it all of the time I'am looking for a carburetor kit for the case or some place I can get one. Thank for your help
    Don wrote on Monday, August 16, 2004 (PDT):
  • I need rear rims for a 1950's vai. Any Ideas? single bevel all the way around, 10-24 thanks
    Ted Osborne wrote on Saturday, July 17, 2004 (PDT):
    Jack Kearney wrote on Tuesday, July 13, 2004 (PDT):
  • I have a Case Tractor (vai) and I would like to find out what year it is. It's an older tractor and the serial # is - vai6039571- and the engine # is - 73k01285 - can any one tell me how to find the year through these numbers ? If so e-mail me at jrk at
    Dave wrote on Sunday, June 06, 2004 (PDT):
  • Timing!! I am unable to locate any form of timing mark on flywheel. Therefore I am also unable to locate TDC for number one cylinder. Without sound like an idiot, I am not sure if I'm on the compression or exhaust side of TDC. Manuals haven't arrived yet. Any help would be appreciated.
    Alex. wrote on Thursday, May 20, 2004 (PDT):
  • I have just purchased an old Case tractor. It still runs well. However, I want to purchase a manual--it's wonderful to be able to service a machine again. The only common indentifier is VT. The numbers after the VT on the components vary.Can you give me a more precise identification? Where would I find a serial number? Thanks for your help.
    Gary Andrist wrote on Saturday, May 15, 2004 (PDT):
  • Our little VA is the neatest. A live PTO would be nice. As a kid, you sure learned to keep the thumbs outside the spokes of the steering wheel!
    Bill Hayden wrote on Saturday, April 24, 2004 (PDT):
  • Two years ago , I picked up a 1955 Case VAI that had belonged to a big orchard here in Connecticut. It has an eagle hitch , and pto , and is a great tractor . I have used it to haul firewood on my land, and also use a brush cutter on the 3 point hitch . I keep it in a shed, and even with the 6 volt electrical system , it starts in the winter...just . I also have a 2000 John Deere 4400 tractor with a 35 hp 3 cyl. yanmar diesel . Since I have a loader and a Patu wood chipper on the John Deere, I usually end up using the Case VAI for a lot of work . I payed $2400 dollars for the Case with brand new rear tires , and I believe the engine has been overhauled . It runs like a swiss watch . My only wish is that it had a live pto . When you push the clutch in , the mowing deck stops , or whatever you have hitched up to the pto . It's a manageable size , and does everything I need to do with it . It's a great little tractor , and if you can find one in good shape , they are usually not as expensive as a Deere of IH. Good hunting.
    Matt wrote on Tuesday, April 20, 2004 (PDT):
  • My father in law gave me a 1950 Air Force model VAI. It has green paint, and department of defense plackards, and air force decals. I am interested in how rare it might be, and would like a picture of one so i can properly restore it. If anyone knows how many of them are, i would be intersted. I have been told that not many came home from the Korean war and WWII. any info would be great
    Dennis Green wrote on Monday, April 19, 2004 (PDT):
  • Need A Hyd. Lift Cylinder For Three Point Hitch, Dont't Know If This Was Factory Unit, Looks Kind Of Homemade. Cylinder Has One Fluid Line, About 10 1/2" OA Length, Pin To Pin Compressed. Not Sure On The Travel Or Extended Length The Cylinder Needs Replaced, Cylinder And Shaft Are Badly Pitted.
    Tige Hamm wrote on Monday, March 22, 2004 (PST):
  • I need a double control valve lever and a set of headlights with brackets ,if anybody has any info or knows where i can find these parts please let me know
    Al Smith wrote on Saturday, March 06, 2004 (PST):
  • Does anyone have a manual for a Case VAI ? I have purchased a number of different manuals for Case, but none of them mention the VAI, specifically. Thanks....Al
    ralph tarter wrote on Tuesday, January 06, 2004 (PST):
  • i need a 3 point hitch for my vai 1953 case. thinks help ralph
    ralph tarter wrote on Wednesday, December 24, 2003 (PST):
  • 1 selling my 1953 vai case real good shape with a l306 woods mower. all new tires no smoke 12 volt system new battery. all filters changed an oil reddy to go also wheel bearings pack.
    ralph tarter wrote on Tuesday, December 23, 2003 (PST):
  • i need a double control valve for my 1953 vai case thanks ralph
    Don wrote on Sunday, November 02, 2003 (PST):
  • Yesterday 11-2-03 i bought a 1949 case Va series with a front end loader. she needs a little work. Im looking for Fenders and any other sheet metal for her any sources for used parts?
    Al Smith wrote on Friday, September 19, 2003 (PDT):
  • Yesterday, 18 September, 2003, I purchased a Case Tractor, which has a serial # VAI6014155 It has a sickle bar, hydraulic system. Can anyone tell me the year, or anything else about this tractor ? I can send photos, if needed.
    Jonathan Reed wrote on Sunday, June 08, 2003 (PDT):
  • My dad and i have recently started collecting old case tractors we have on VA and recently picked up a couple of d cases, great tractors
    Brett Isaacson wrote on Friday, March 28, 2003 (PST):
  • My dad recently purchased a 1949 Case VAI and he is wondering if it originally came with duals.
    alan wrote on Tuesday, March 04, 2003 (PST):
  • I would like to know if anybody has pictures of a case vai tractor that sinclair had. it was painted green with a highway mower on it thank you
    larry chamberlain wrote on Monday, March 03, 2003 (PST):
  • looking for a complete air filter assemby system for my 52 vai ----- show room ready ecept for missing breather email me if you have info. hersey mich area , thank you
    scott leith wrote on Friday, December 13, 2002 (PST):
  • have a vai dont know what year it is tag is gone tractor has a eagle hitch and drawbar also a side belt pullie would like to know what year it is pully is broken would not work when i got it any info would be help full thanks
    Robert Nicholson wrote on Wednesday, December 04, 2002 (PST):
  • My dad purchased a 1952 VA in Fenelon Falls Ontario Canada to replace the clydesdale team. I remember the excitment on the day it was unloaded from the dealers truck onto the manure pile. The tractor was used to work a 100 acre mixed farm in Ontario until 1965. I still have the tractor which needs new rear tires, the originals are quite weathered. This tough little tractor stood the abuse of 3 boys learning to drive and operate equipment. Other than the odd clutch replacement the tractor is original.
    Jack M. Goldberg wrote on Sunday, October 13, 2002 (PDT):
  • HELP, can anyone tell me what a 1950 Case V 161 or VT 161, not running is worth, or about how much I should go, NEW at this, please HELP, thanks.
    Ron Zerkle wrote on Tuesday, September 24, 2002 (PDT):
  • I recently purchased a house and along with it came, according to the ID plate below the dash, a Case VAI SN#6014428. Does anyone know the year of this tractor.
    Paul Vaughan wrote on Saturday, September 14, 2002 (PDT):
  • From what I've been told by a friend, don't know how true it is,that the "I" in the VAI indicated that it was a industrial type tractor. I have a 1950 Case VAI, it has hydraulics (pump mounted on the front case between the gear train and the magneto{mines been converted to a coil/distributor setup}). It had the remaining parts of a sickle mower underneath. Alos a homebrew 3 point setup. I am also looking for more info, engine size/manufacturer, location of SerNo. Data plate has been mangled.
    Eric Gardner of Hilton NY wrote on Saturday, August 24, 2002 (PDT):
  • I have a VAI like this one with the straight axel on the front. I have a Woods 750 Back Hoe on it. This is a nice compliment to the LULL front end loader that came on it. I am looking for a spindle for the Right front. Mine broke at the outboard bearing. Anyone knows where I can find a good one let me know. Thank You ~Eric Gardner~
    Gil Wells wrote on Saturday, March 09, 2002 (PST):
  • I have a VAI circa 1951 that I am restoring. I am trying to find a site where I can get decals for it. Can anyone help me?
    Jack &Jack wrote on Tuesday, March 05, 2002 (PST):
  • My boy Jack and I just bought a 48 VAI with a LULL loader ,we have no hydralic cylinders for the loader,the hoses were removed and capped the guy we got it from didn't need it,but all the mount is on the tractor,the bucket and arms are off,we'd love to find cylinders or info on the hydralics,I've fixed a few old tractors I think this is one of the neatest,not to big and heavy,it seems wide and stable,our starter is worn out,anyone have a deal on a used one ? from Port Colborne South Ontario might sell it cedarbay at
    Brent Maupin wrote on Thursday, February 14, 2002 (PST):
  • I just bought a 1948 VAI and I look forward to getting it in working order. I am having trouble locating or knowing how to make a 3-point hitch. I live in North Carolina and would love some help.
    Rick Hicks wrote on Tuesday, September 18, 2001 (PDT):
  • I just inheirited a case that looks indentical to this VA1 but my father swears its a '36 is that a mistake. If so how can you identifiy the year and model?
    jack ferguson wrote on Monday, August 27, 2001 (PDT):
  • just bought a 1950? VAI today.needs lots of TLC.anyone have any tips for a new guy. thanx
    Jay Miner wrote on Tuesday, July 10, 2001 (PDT):
  • I would like to know if there is a place to grease the throw-out bearing on my case vai, or if it's a sealed bearing. Also, I can't find any grease fittings on the mower's universal joints. Can someone tell me how they grease there's and what there's was like.
    Jay Miner wrote on Tuesday, July 10, 2001 (PDT):
  • I recently got a case vai with a seized engine and a belly mower. My father and me tore the entire engine except for the crankshaft. I paid 150 for it and it was a great deal. There was hardly any where on anything. The starter gears were near perfect, and the piston and crank bushings were excellent. In the end we hardly bought anything for it and it runs great. It starts right up and runs clean. Everything works good for the amount of hours that were put on it.
    michael wrote on Friday, June 22, 2001 (PDT):
  • I own a case VA & they look very alike
    ED wrote on Tuesday, May 01, 2001 (PDT):
    Ray Sutton wrote on Monday, April 23, 2001 (PDT):
  • I have the opportunity to purchase a VAI case tractor, but am not sure what it is worth. It has PTO, seems to be all original, frontend loader made by favorite company and a drag scoop. I would appreciate if someone could give me an idea of what I should pay for it.
    T.J. wrote on Sunday, April 22, 2001 (PDT):
  • I have a VAI not sure what year. Looking for a eagle hitch but have never seen one in person. Would be very helpful on any information i can get. If anyone has a eagle for sale i would like to hear. T.J.
    Jim wrote on Saturday, April 14, 2001 (PDT):
  • Ok so I can't subtract 51-4= 47.
    Harry wrote on Wednesday, April 11, 2001 (PDT):
  • I just bought a 1946 Case VAI. Engine's good, skins' OK. It has a front loader of unknown origin. The previous owner had the tractor for 22 years and fitted the front end loader. He thinks it was original off an old Ford but with some modification. The 'hydraulics' are powered off the rear PTO and uses 30# oil. It's got a narrow bucket - used for getting into horse stalls. I've got horses so I appreciate the amount of work this will get! The fenders were removed to fit the front end loader. It has a gravity (trip) bucket but it does what's asked of it.
    joeyboyer wrote on Saturday, April 07, 2001 (PDT):
    Kevin Reeves wrote on Thursday, April 05, 2001 (PDT):
  • I am also restoring a 1943 Case VAI and wanted to know the paint schemes, decal location of the eagles, and any other info. such as value. I recently purchased it as a shop project for the winter. It is in excellent condition all sheet metal (except grill) is straight and has a continental belly mower. I'm going to advertise it and wanted to know a fair value.Thank You for any help.
    Allen Clark wrote on Sunday, November 12, 2000 (PST):
  • I have a 1945 VAI that i am looking for a EAGLE hitch or someting similar along w/ a mower of any kind and a rear blade. Any information would be of great help. Thanks, Allen Clark
    Bill Mccalum wrote on Tuesday, November 07, 2000 (PST):
  • I have a 1947 case VAI my dad and i resored it form peases.
    Tony c wrote on Sunday, October 01, 2000 (PDT):
  • have 1943 VAI CASE is it 6 volt
    Tim Stegner wrote on Wednesday, August 09, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have a 1946 VAI. I would like to know the original color scheme. Any help would be appreciated.
    Keith Jones wrote on Tuesday, July 25, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have recently purchased a VAI that is missing the serial number tag. Is the serial number stamped anywhere on the tractor?
    marion hoopingarner wrote on Thursday, July 20, 2000 (PDT):
  • i just brought a VA1. i am hunty for the books on it. i want to find out want year it was build. my seril number is VA1 5161634. so if you can find the books on it.
    Pat wrote on Wednesday, July 05, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have a 1945 VAI which was once owned by the state. I believe this tractor had a belly mower on it.It came with a gearbox belt driven which sends the pto foward underneath and also has a lever on it which activates a cable lift.anyone seen one of these I would like a original mower.thanx
    TC BROWN wrote on Thursday, June 15, 2000 (PDT):
  • I just purchased a case VAI, I beleve to be in the early forties. I would like to know if the electrical system is six or twelve volts. Also I find inbosed on the cam gear cover an eagle standing on a ball, it looks like it could be a military simbole. I'm open to any comment on this.
    Jim Phelps wrote on Sunday, June 11, 2000 (PDT):
  • My 1947 VAI had only a hitch point, but it came with a PTO and Hyda. as it was equipted with a six foot side mount mower.
    Earl wrote on Wednesday, May 10, 2000 (PDT):
  • My brother has a 1946 Case VAC and just replaced the radiator. Problem is he can't find fanbelt or Thermostat anywhere. Can anyone help?
    Mark wrote on Saturday, April 29, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have a 1953 Case VAI, which appears to have several coats of yellow paint with gray underneath. I don't know if the gray is a primer. There are very few parts that even resemble anything red. Could anyone please tell me the original color scheme of this tractor?
    Art Kallenbach wrote on Tuesday, April 18, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have a 1951 VAI. I would like to know Horse power. Also does anyone know how to find a front end loader and 3-point hitch for this?
    Hal wrote on Friday, March 24, 2000 (PST):
  • I have a 1946 Case and would like to attach a mower. Can anyone tell me if a 1946 has a 540 for the PTO? I have counted six splines on the PTO shaft.
    Rory Moore wrote on Friday, March 03, 2000 (PST):
  • I am looking for my grandfathers 1946 or 1948 CASE VAI. The last person to own it lived in Tunnelton,West Virginia. Anyone with information please E-Mail me.
    John Kikut wrote on Tuesday, February 29, 2000 (PST):
  • Recently came across a 1941 Case "V" model tractor (sn#V4522223) in working order, and in resonable shape. Would like to know what the value of this tractor would be. Any info that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John Kikut, Woodstock Ontario, Canada
    Larry wrote on Sunday, February 13, 2000 (PST):
  • Is the use of low ash oil nessisary? The guy I bought the 1952 model vac said that that is what Case told him to use.
    Dave Barker wrote on Sunday, January 30, 2000 (PST):
  • I am looking for fender parts for my 1947 VAO Case. If any one knows of any parts I would appreciate hearing back.
    Henry wrote on Friday, January 07, 2000 (PST):
  • I recently purchased a 1945 VAI from my father-in-law. He bought the tractor in 1975 and used it to run an orchard sprayer and "buzzsaw". He ran the buzzsaw first with the belt and later with the PTO. I got the gear driven belt sheave with the tractor, it appears to have a hydraulic pump behind the sheave, is this correct. I would like to be able to use a mower and a rear blade with it, but alas, no 3-point hitch. Is there a 3-point set-up that anyone knows of? I just ordered manuals (parts, operators, service) from my local Case dealer. It seems that they can still get a lot of parts. Any info that can be provided me on the VAI would be greatly appreciated.
    joe wrote on Sunday, August 15, 1999 (PDT):
  • i have a case va tractor which im going to sell.....can anyone tell me what is the horse power of this tractor thanks joe
    Mike Griffin wrote on Thursday, July 22, 1999 (PDT):
  • All the VAI's I've seen don't have any implement attachment points other than a towbar with a single hole in it, suitable for a linkpin hitch. Neither do they have a PTO or hydraulic system. They were meant to pull equipment trailers, tow airplanes to and from hangars, and perform other similar work for military and industrial outfits. Perfectly good tractor, but not usually set up for farm work, if that's what you had in mind.
    Jack McCabe wrote on Sunday, June 27, 1999 (PDT):
  • HAVE VAI for sale

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