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Antique John Deere Tractor: JD L

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The John Deere Model L tractor was designed and developed as a one-plow tractor and is the smallest in the JD lineup, about 30 inches shorter than the JD Model B. When it was still a prototype, it was called the "Model Y".

JD L Tractor

Do you have any comments or questions about this tractor? Ever use one? Know anyone who owned one? If so, please join in on the discussion below. Use the form for entering your comments.

Comments on this Tractor

Andy Harris wrote on Saturday, September 07, 2013 (PDT):
  • Does anyone have or know someone who has a cultivator for my John Deere LA tractor. Would like to find one within pickup driving distance from North Idaho. Thanks, Andy
    EDWARD MARTIN Sr. wrote on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 (PDT):
  • Just Picked up A 1937 Model L . Been in The area For 50 Years. Found it next Door. Been Inside For 15 yrs. Cant Wait To Start
    J. Cambron wrote on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 (PDT):
  • I am looking for a John Deere LA that is in fair to excellent shape. I would like to purchase one in the Texas Panhanle area.
    mrf1002u wrote on Friday, July 23, 2010 (PDT):
  • To philip morrissette re; your L Harlan Wilson at Wilson Tire 740 625-6894. I think they were going to start producing that size tire again.
    Steve Hargis wrote on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 (PDT):
  • After restoring a 1944 LA back to expo condition , I wrote to John deere and ask when and where this tractor was shipped and to whom To my surprise it has stayed in East Tennessee since being shipped to Knoxville , and after doing some research , I found that I was the ninth owner .
    Jeri Nieman wrote on Monday, June 14, 2010 (PDT):
  • We have a JD L tractor that still runs and has been housed always. Not sure what year it was made but a man came by here today and would like to buy it, however, I do not know what it is worth. Does anyone have any idea what price I should put on it I would be willing to part with it. Please advise.........
    Alton Ponto wrote on Sunday, May 02, 2010 (PDT):
  • I have a John Deere L that I bought in great working condition in the late 1960 s. We repainted it and it still runs and looks great. There s also a full cultivator set and original manuals. I did put new original style tires on the tractor. I m nearly 80 now and would like to sell it. What s it worth
    philip morrissette wrote on Sunday, April 25, 2010 (PDT):
  • i got a 39 jdl and totaly restored it except the rear tires. can t find a set of 7.50x22 tires anyware.a year or two ago firestone had some available but no more. miller antique tire co. said they can t get that size anymore either. where on earth can i get a pair new or good used
    Brad Johnson wrote on Saturday, February 06, 2010 (PST):
  • Need to know how the plow mounts on a 1940 JD-L.
    Al Simmons wrote on Tuesday, January 05, 2010 (PST):
  • Need help identifying whether I have an L or an LA. Would appreciate some help. Will send pictues but need to know which views or parts.
    Mike Koon wrote on Sunday, January 03, 2010 (PST):
  • Looking for babbit rod bearings for JD LA in Michigan.any help would be apperciated.thank you.mike
    JOHN RASMUSSEN wrote on Wednesday, November 25, 2009 (PST):
    Larry Bader wrote on Friday, October 09, 2009 (PDT):
  • I started out with a John Deere 41 L frame I bought on ebay. It came with front axle and wheels, tires were shot rear end and trans entact, steering,and propeller shaft with clutch housing. No sheet metal, engine, seatframesupport, and other parts. It had a tag! serial number 634725. I got it home and over the next 2 years I have been busy on ebay. I have used parts and NOS parts. Some are expensive, like the fiber discs. I m still in need of one rear wheel rim. I managed to get a hub for one. and a set of 22 tires and tubes. I have three engines to use. 1 Hercules, 2JD LUC. I ve had fun so far. One piece at a time. I also have a 34 A John Deere.
    Myron Wininger wrote on Sunday, August 23, 2009 (PDT):
  • I have a 1942 John Deere LA The tractor is complete and running . My troble is I have too much oil pressure . I replaced the oil releife valve spring and it dropped from 70 lb. to 40 lb. The manual calls for 25 max. If any one can help or tell where to get help it will be appreciated . Myron in ct.
    Randal Patterson wrote on Saturday, August 22, 2009 (PDT):
  • I have a 1939 and 1940 model L John Deere. I am trying to get one running using both tractors. The 1939 model is a top mount transmission and the 1940 model is a side mount transmission. Which one would be the best to use and which one would have the best value Both tractors look the same except for the transmissions. It looks like they both have the same engine and front end. Is this true I would also like to know where I can find a used 22 inch rear tire for it. One tire is rotted off. Any info you can give me would be appreciated.
    Don Cummins wrote on Friday, July 31, 2009 (PDT):
  • I have a JD LA 1941, and would like to find a good resource for information about this tractor, like history, repair, restoration, parts, clubs etc. I got this tractor when I bought some land near Penn Yan NY and would like to get it running again. It s in pretty good condition with plows and cultivator. Any info would help. THANK YOU
    Dan wrote on Friday, April 03, 2009 (PDT):
  • I have what was told to me to be a 1946 L model with a wico mag, if someone could please tell me what to set the points at and a idea of what the tractor is worth, it s in good shap, needs tires and stering nuckel, thanks
    L-L-L wrote on Sunday, May 25, 2008 (PDT):
    Jim wrote on Friday, May 23, 2008 (PDT):
  • I am looking for an L, LI, or preferably an LA. I live in Iowa, so would like to find one there or one of the surrounding states gas prices you know . thanks!
    Craig Shaw wrote on Saturday, May 03, 2008 (PDT):
  • I Have a John Deere L unstyle I is is rusted and the Engine is lock up I had offers I am not sure what to sell it forit
    Roger Pierce wrote on Thursday, April 24, 2008 (PDT):
  • I am looking for an L or LA. Am worried about the cost of freight but if the price for the tractor is reasonable I will be able to afford the freight. I would even be willing make a trade with someone if need be. my number is 435-241-1335
    Bill Butler wrote on Monday, April 07, 2008 (PDT):
  • I have a 1940 L SN 631055 that was parked in 1952 by a gentleman who used it on his 4 acre garden.He emptied the gas tank,greased all the bearings,changed the oil,put a coffee can over the exhaust and sometime that winter passed on.The little L stayed parked in the barn ever since,was never even turned over,I believe.The barn was about ready to fall in and the person that now owns the property asked a good friend of mine if he knew of anyone that would be interested in the little putt-putt.We got up there 2 years ago loaded it up and brought her home.Rebuilt the engine,put new tubes on the rear,new tires and tubes in front,sandblasted,primed and painted,after stripping everything off.Now she runs like a swiss watch.I even got the original umbrella that was in a canvas sack for the tractor
    Craig in Muskegon Michigan wrote on Tuesday, March 25, 2008 (PDT):
  • We would like to find a 1945-1946 John Deere LA as a restoration project. Please call 231-798-8600 if you have any information on where we could find a machine.
    LESTER LEWIS wrote on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 (PDT):
    LESTER LEWIS wrote on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 (PDT):
    Joe Klimek wrote on Wednesday, March 05, 2008 (PST):
  • I am rebuilding my LA and need a set of rear rims, can anyone provide or advise me where to get them I would also like to convert my tractor an electrical start and need instruction, can anyone advise on how to proceed Thanks
    Ty wrote on Saturday, February 09, 2008 (PST):
  • Looking for the value of 1945 John Deere LA with implements. Tractor is in good running condition.
    arlene wrote on Tuesday, February 05, 2008 (PST):
  • hi, am looking for an engine for our JDL,we need a Hercules engine,can anyone help us
    arnold denney wrote on Wednesday, January 23, 2008 (PST):
  • I once owned an L Industrial. It was originally used as a right of way mower by the State of Kentucky. The state seal was still visible under the re-paint job. All I had with it was a side mounted sickle mower with some pieces missing. It had a two piece bolt-on pulley on the driveshaft to power the mower. Somneone mentioned a low oil pressure when their engine became warm. Mine did the same. It had babbit rod bearings and they were worn badly. I don t know whether a machinist could convert anything to insert type bearings. I replaced my original Hercules engine with one from a John Deere combine. That engine had inserts and was a sleeved engine, as I recall. I had a lot of fun with this tractor and my small children enjoyed trips around the farm and through the woods. We later moved into town and didn t need the tractor anymore. I sold it to a man in Casey County, Kentucky about 1976. I think he worked for the Kentucky Department of Highways.
    Ned Montano wrote on Wednesday, July 11, 2007 (PDT):
  • I recently rebuilt a model l , inherited from my deceased father in law from Milwakee wi. the model Lwas brought from the Milwakee area somewhere in the 50s or maybe early sixties to Albuquerque New Mexico where it sat for about 35 years after my father in laws passing.The serial intact and so are some of the implements with which I need help to understand as how they attatched This is my first experience with tractors . Since this restoration , I have perchused another Model L 1938 with top side transmission shift , serial no. in excellent condtion ,and all parts someone took it apart to start rebuilding and evidently gave up ., along with a 1944 Model H in fair running condtion. can some one out there tell me if I am starting to bleed green or help me to acquire some more of these green hunks of to replenish my loss of green
    Peter wrote on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 (PDT):
  • I m Looking for a JD model LA in good condition. My family use to have one on their farm in Quechee, VT. Cee, 508-826-2526
    Karen wrote on Saturday, June 02, 2007 (PDT):
  • I live in Kentucky. I have a JD L that was passed down to me by my uncle. I absolutley loved this tractor when I was growing up. But I have no use for it and would like to sell it. I can email pictures if anyone is interested.
    william Fuquea wrote on Sunday, April 29, 2007 (PDT):
  • I have a LA J D for sale if you wold like to see pictures send me a email and I will send them, it needs to be restored Phone 423-762-3963
    Les warner wrote on Saturday, March 17, 2007 (PST):
  • I have a 41 L A. It has been comepletely restored, and I have receipts from the previous owner showing what was done on the complete tractor. The engine has been completly gone through. My problem is low oil pressure when it get s up to the normal temp. I have tried every thing,with out going in to it, like oil pump shims, heavy oil, like what was suggested 50 wieght, but the same thing, it always comes down to low pressure after becomeing hot. Any ideas, other than lookin inside Les Warner, Eugene, Or
    Zack Skrabanek wrote on Friday, September 22, 2006 (PDT):
  • I'm 15 and I'm restoring a L or LA for an ag prodject. It is missing the belly pan. If you have one or know someone that does and you live around the Central Texas area please e-mail me know. Thanks!!!
    Lenard L. wrote on Saturday, July 22, 2006 (PDT):
  • I sure need a belly pan or "chin guard" for an L or LA if any one has one please let me know thanks Lenard
    Charles Lasiter wrote on Thursday, July 06, 2006 (PDT):
  • I am interested in purchasing a John Deere Model; LA I live in the Southern California area, and prefer one in running condition in this area.
    muddy roads wrote on Friday, March 17, 2006 (PST):
  • have 1982 honda goldwing mint shape will trade for john deere model l or la in mass.774-259-7998
    Denny Robinson wrote on Friday, March 10, 2006 (PST):
  • Ihave resently been given a eihier an L or LA by an uncle. I believe the seriel numbeer is missing, or I do not know where to look. If it is missing how do I come up with a number and how do I figure out exactoy what it is. I neek to get manuals for it, not sure which manuals to buy.
    toadabode wrote on Friday, August 26, 2005 (PDT):
  • I Have A '46 LA that runs nice with an hydraulic blade on the front, a rear winch off the PTO with trailer that I'd like to sell
    Bronson wrote on Monday, August 15, 2005 (PDT):
  • Is anybody on board familiar with a John Deere L.A. model than can answer My exhaust question?. My son brought me one last week and it has no exhaust stack or muffler on it. I am trying to figure out how the muffler or a straight pipe attaches to the manifold. It dont have threads like the Cubs. It is just a smooth I.D. in the 90 elbow that it would fit in/attach to. I just chipped out (cleaned) the I.D. of the elbow of what was a layer of carbon or possibly an epoxy that held a pipe or muffler. Thanks B.J.
    Jim McFarland wrote on Sunday, August 07, 2005 (PDT):
  • I have a model JD 730LP that is a good candidate for restoration. I would be willing to trade it for a model L in good condition.
    cletus wrote on Thursday, June 30, 2005 (PDT):
  • wuts an L?
    Roy C. Wolf wrote on Wednesday, June 22, 2005 (PDT):
  • I am looking for a belt pulley for a 1940 John Deere Model "L" Serial # 633254; the spindle is on the left side of the tractor with two bolt holes for mounting the belt pulley; does anyone out there have one or know where I can get one. Thanks, rcw
    T Smith wrote on Monday, May 23, 2005 (PDT):
  • We have a 1941 or 1942 John Deere Model L tractor is good condition, rebuilt motor. We are wondering what the value is...does anyone know where we can get an appraisal.
    Darrell Sinclair wrote on Monday, March 14, 2005 (PST):
  • I have what I beleive to be a john deere model l engine and front cowling (sheet metal) for sale.
    Edward Semmelrock wrote on Monday, February 14, 2005 (PST):
  • Looking for a John Deere L or LA,any condition.
    Ronald Maxwell wrote on Sunday, February 13, 2005 (PST):
  • looking for information about Co-op-John deere Model L or LA
    larry washburn wrote on Sunday, January 02, 2005 (PST):
  • I have just purchased a 1941 LA with a one bottem plow and a 6 prong cultivator, but do not know how this attaches to the tractor., between wheels or from the back. anyone have one? Larry
    don mccune wrote on Friday, December 03, 2004 (PST):
  • I'm looking for a john deere L or LA for sale also starter & ring gear, or flywheel with ring gear for LUC engine
    Don Stickelmaier wrote on Friday, October 29, 2004 (PDT):
  • LI battery ground + or - I have seen both ways which is correct
    Bob Anguish wrote on Thursday, October 21, 2004 (PDT):
  • .thanks for this I have a JD model LI ser.# 51194 can someone .tell me what year this is i am restoring it
    Don Stickelmaier wrote on Thursday, October 21, 2004 (PDT):
  • thanks J but the site only went up 1946 my serial # is past that # every article I read says they were not built after 1946. still trying to find out what year the LI is serial#IL52482 Thanks Don
    j kauffman wrote on Thursday, October 14, 2004 (PDT):
  • Ralph go to antique john you too don for the s/n of your LI.And you can purchase a manifold and any other L,LA,LI,(etc.)parts.
    Don Stickelmaier wrote on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 (PDT):
  • Does anyone out there have serial numbers for LI tractors after 1946. I have one with the serial number IL52482 can anyone tell what year this is any where i can get a wiring diagram thanks Don
    J. M. C. wrote on Saturday, October 09, 2004 (PDT):
  • I've just aquired an unrestored but nicely running 1946 John Deere L A. It has a hydraulic blade on the front-end and I'm wondering if these were an option from Deere or was it some other kind of add-on? It steers very hard. This may be from the weight of the blade or is this tractor sust hard to steer? thanks
    Bob Rautio , Canterbury, CT. wrote on Saturday, September 18, 2004 (PDT):
  • My very first tractor that I bought was a 1940 L w a one bottom plow, sawrig, and an old mower off a 1939 unstyled L. great little workhorse around the farm, too bad that Deere&Co. don't make them anymore, I'd have a fleet of them on the farm because of their size and power for in the Coops and Barns.
    Ralph Nesci wrote on Monday, August 23, 2004 (PDT):
  • I have a John Deer model LA. It is in good condition but the exhaust manifold has rusted thru. I would appreciate any info on where to purchase a manifold? Is a remanufactured manifold ok or should I look for an original. Thanks for any help
    Bill Oster wrote on Saturday, July 24, 2004 (PDT):
  • I am looking for an L or LA to restore Located in the midwest Phone 563 582 2954 Or E mail
    Gary Norton wrote on Sunday, July 11, 2004 (PDT):
  • Looking for a restorable LA in or around TEXAS, NM,LA, Ok, etc...
    j kauffman wrote on Monday, June 28, 2004 (PDT):
  • dick p YOU have a1940 L the 12th 1940L made
    Dick Petri wrote on Monday, June 21, 2004 (PDT):
  • Have a picture of myself on my dad's L when I was 8 and this father's day my daughter and son-in-law gave me a completely restored L. 60 years wasn't too long a wait for it. S#63012.
    sterling wrote on Sunday, June 13, 2004 (PDT):
  • please change my E-mail address
    j kauffman wrote on Tuesday, May 04, 2004 (PDT):
  • the s/n is 3460 on my LA, jody S it started with the Y and the farmers liked the idea it could fit in a pick up truck in 1937 the model62 came out till 1939 the L till the la 41 46 they loved them on fruit farms cause of size you can get more info from a collecter i am olny 11 ask for hw the L came to be your welcom
    j. kauffman wrote on Tuesday, April 27, 2004 (PDT):
  • I am 11 years old and have a 1941 LA . it runs good,I live in PA I paid 500 bucks for a undented John deere tractor if you find any other 2 cylinder tractors please contact me.I hope to get all the L series L 62 M LI. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!
    JONATHAN BINGHAM wrote on Sunday, April 11, 2004 (PDT):
    Tom Morgan wrote on Wednesday, April 07, 2004 (PDT):
  • Just completed total restoration of a 1946 JD LA.It is great fun to drive. handles easily. Due to its small size,it is easy to transport to shows. A friend is starting to restore a 1938 L. crank start with a Hercules engine. At some point in time,this will probably be available for sale.
    Roy Mitchell wrote on Tuesday, April 06, 2004 (PDT):
  • I would like to purchase a John Deere Model L in good shape. My office is 580-696-4568.
    Donald Wysokowski wrote on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 (PST):
  • I have a John Deere Model L, 1944, serial 641070. can not get the belt shaft(pulley) to line up, any suggestions appreciated.
    Jonathan Herring wrote on Saturday, March 27, 2004 (PST):
  • I am looking for a fairly rust free hood for an LA, I need other assorted parts yet will look for them as needed. 903 586-4871
    scott taylor wrote on Tuesday, February 24, 2004 (PST):
  • would like to purchase a john deere L in the southeast MO region if u have any info please email me with location and price
    Sterling wrote on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 (PST):
  • I would like to purchase a snow plow for a L.A jOHN Deere.Should be in fair condition with all assembly parts.Please E-mail w/ price.
    Ron Young wrote on Sunday, December 28, 2003 (PST):
  • In search of L or LA John Deere for sale in Alabama.
    LBH wrote on Sunday, December 14, 2003 (PST):
  • WANTED; Looking for a John Deere L or John Deere LA tractor. Please email me if you have one for sale. Thanks, LBH
    Robert L. Scheible 4179 BUCK MTN. ROAD Dover Ar 72837 wrote on Wednesday, October 22, 2003 (PDT):
  • I just bought a farm from my neighbors complete with John Deere L tractor with mid mount mower,one bottom braking plow,cultivator, planter, and spring tooth field cultivator;adapted from M with books all very old and nummerous letters vintage (1940-1950)from JD regarding tractor and equip. I have removed wheels tofind neither back tire had ever had flat,what luck! I have found access to new 7.50x22" rear tires with F-1 firestone cross hatch tires. I had almost given up hope, does anyone need these tires? What is the value of all this? According to book this Herc was 9.9 h.p. Is this correct? I have found many new parts available still through J.D. seat, steering wheel, hub caps,etc
    RJ wrote on Sunday, September 14, 2003 (PDT):
  • any JD LA tractor to restore
    Paul Hawkins wrote on Friday, June 13, 2003 (PDT):
  • i OWN A 1944 John Deere LA, serial no. LA-6846. This tractor has culivators and single bottom plow. All are in excellent looking and running condition. I am interested in selling as I am moving out of state but do not know the value. Looking for info
    Kyle Gray wrote on Friday, June 06, 2003 (PDT):
  • I always thought the L and LA tractors looked interesting i bought one from my uncle a few years ago and i am almost done restoring it. I love it and it is a great conversation piece.
    Randall Smith wrote on Saturday, April 26, 2003 (PDT):
  • Looking for a restorable L in central TX.Love to trade.What do you need?
    Randy Van Beek wrote on Monday, April 21, 2003 (PDT):
  • I'm looking for a late model 45-46 JD-LA to restore. Anywhere in the Western United States. My father used to own one when I was a kid and I would like to restore it and give it to him. He traded his away to help me when I was a young kid. He talks about it all the time.
    Jerry Heskett wrote on Tuesday, March 04, 2003 (PST):
  • I'm in need of a good chin pan and grille w/side panels for a 1939 "L". Not rich, would appreciate reasonable priced offers. Thanks,or call 402-742-3392 NE
    Jerry Maher wrote on Tuesday, February 25, 2003 (PST):
  • Looking for a model L or LA John Deere to restore in the New England Area.
    Bill Oster wrote on Sunday, December 08, 2002 (PST):
  • I am looking for a John Deere model L Or LA to restore. Would like books or any info on it. Thanks
    Bill Oster wrote on Thursday, November 21, 2002 (PST):
  • I am looking for an L or LA to restore
    grandpas41a wrote on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 (PST):
  • I own a restored 1945 LA complete with the PL20 planter. I have for sale the modle 7C mower for the tractor. I really enjoy the LA. With my John Deere 6 horse Model "E" engine, the pair draws quite a lot of attention at tractor shows.
    Don Collison wrote on Friday, October 25, 2002 (PDT):
  • I have a customer with an old JD crawler. He says the SN is 1A5649L116. Anyone got any info on this?
    Randal Patterson wrote on Tuesday, October 22, 2002 (PDT):
  • I am looking for some used front & rear wheels for a 1938 JD-L. I can make repairs to them if needed. Also, I would like to know if anyone can tell me the web site where they have a junk yard of L's & LA's. I found it once but can't find it again. Thanks
    Andy wrote on Monday, September 23, 2002 (PDT):
  • anonymous, There was a horsepower difference. The L was 11 horse and the LA was 14.
    Russ Rinta wrote on Thursday, September 05, 2002 (PDT):
  • I just bought a L. I now need a mower for it. Anyone have one for sale? Russ
    Charles Lawrence wrote on Monday, August 19, 2002 (PDT):
  • I have a model L 1941, fantastic condition, orginal tyres, engine just totally rebuilt. I want to buy a side belt pulley attachment to create an electric start. I am in the UK. Has anyone got one? Good price paid including shipment, customs clearance. Can arrange freight collection, custome etc etc.
    Lorne Burbidge wrote on Tuesday, August 06, 2002 (PDT):
  • I'm looking for the wholesale price of a 1949 John Deere model M.
    anonymous wrote on Sunday, August 04, 2002 (PDT):
  • It's me again. If anyone has an answer to my question, please write it on this message board, thanks!
    anonymous wrote on Sunday, August 04, 2002 (PDT):
  • I'm restoring an LA and I want to know what the difference is between L's and LA's (besides the rear wheels).
    Gordy wrote on Wednesday, May 29, 2002 (PDT):
  • I have an opportunity to but a very nicely restored 1941 LA. What's it worth?
    KEVIN wrote on Monday, March 25, 2002 (PST):
    Don wrote on Tuesday, March 05, 2002 (PST):
  • Looking for a Oil pressure gauge for a model L tractor. It is part # AL2811T
    Oscar-a wrote on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 (PST):
  • I have a model L 1940 s/n 631583 with tag,Hercules engine,original with many extra parts. Also a luc engine. All tec manuals for both, Would like to sell but I can't find out there worth. Any info would help.
    JDM Guy wrote on Sunday, February 10, 2002 (PST):
  • I have a L with a Hercules motor in it. Nice little tractor. I'm looking for a hand crank for it.
    Ryan wrote on Wednesday, February 06, 2002 (PST):
  • My pop had a john deere model l for as long as i can remember he purchase it for 100$ my pop was a mechanic of a mine he was the head one so he could do any thing with a tractor he made a snow plow of the model l which works good some time be for i was around the engine give out in it and when my pop whant to get the parts to do the engine john deere could not get the parts so he toke the engine out of a allis-chalmers and put in it. and then he put her top back on her but when i was 3 that engine give out so pop and dad put a car engine in it and then put her top back on her pop used her like that untell he died back in 2000 then dad put her up in the woods on pops land. this of couse hurt me to see pops tractor not being used of couse the dad put her up their becuse she her water pump give out and dad being a paramedic he did not know to much about a engine but i did because pop showed me evey thing he know so one day i whent up to that woods and got it going and now we are using it snow cleaing the bond i got with the tractor can not be hurt i love it so much because it was pops and a part of my child hood i can hood on to and i can alos kept my pop with me forever.
    Reg petten wrote on Wednesday, February 06, 2002 (PST):
  • I would love to know as many model l comments as I can E-Mail with some
    Don wrote on Tuesday, February 05, 2002 (PST):
  • Looking for a AL2811T oil pressure gauge.
    terry wrote on Sunday, January 20, 2002 (PST):
  • looking to purchase a L or LA or model 63 tractor.You can call 306-882-2413 home or 306-882 4291 work.
    DON MOSSNER wrote on Thursday, January 10, 2002 (PST):
  • would like to trade aALLIS CHALMERS G.for either a john deere LA OR J.D.M
    Ed wrote on Sunday, November 11, 2001 (PST):
  • I have a 1945 or 46 LA,the orig. manual came with it and at the bottom of the cover is printed "DIR. No. 207-10-45" . I am assuming the 10-45 is the date the manual was printed, any that year fits in with the history of the LA. It was my wifes grand fathersonly tractor and he got it used in the early 50's. I also am acquainted with the orig. owners family and know a person that worked for the orig. owner who used the LA A lot. It wes last used in 1979 and I would go to the farm to hunt ind pour oil down the stack to keep it from siezing hoping that some day it would be mine. Finally, after the roof colapsed on it I convinced the family that it needed a new home. I'm sorry to say that I haven't restored it yet but it is safe and sound now and the tractor shed is gone! I need a set of rear 24" rims and then I will start!!!! I promise!
    Ed wrote on Sunday, November 11, 2001 (PST):
  • I have an LA, 1945 OR 46,
    Sue Ivey wrote on Thursday, October 04, 2001 (PDT):
  • Does anyone have any info about a LU-5768. What year is it. Any pictures of what it should look like? My husband purchased one and it needs some work.
    Colin Sibley wrote on Friday, September 28, 2001 (PDT):
  • I own a 1944 Model L. I have restored it and it is in great working condition. I am looking for any implements that match, such as plow, mower or other. I would be interested in finding out if anyone else in Nova Scotia owns an L.
    Norm Preece wrote on Wednesday, September 05, 2001 (PDT):
  • I'm looking for a JD model, any year to buy. Anyone in the western part of the US want to sell one?
    Gary Comfort wrote on Wednesday, September 05, 2001 (PDT):
  • My brother just purchased a1940 JD L and is looking for the side pully. Also, a complete manual. If anyone has this please send me an email.
    TEDDY THOMPSON wrote on Friday, August 31, 2001 (PDT):
  • I would like to know more about this tractor (year, model, & ect. Please call me at (985-748-7517) or write me at Teddy Thompson, Rt. 3, Box 365, Amite, La. 70422 Thank you !
    Justin wrote on Wednesday, June 13, 2001 (PDT):
  • could u please send me picture's and infomatin on the John Deere model L tractor thankyou
    Jennifer wrote on Monday, May 21, 2001 (PDT):
  • I love tractors! Just about every weekend during the summer we go to tractor pulls or tractor shows. I asked my dad to get me a LA.
    sammy wrote on Thursday, March 29, 2001 (PST):
  • I have a 1941 LA JohnDeere I purchased with cultivators, bottom plow and draw bar. My daughter is 14 and she loves to drive the john deere baby brother tractor and I also work our garden with the LA.
    Scott wrote on Thursday, March 22, 2001 (PST):
  • I am completing restoration on a JD LA and am in search of a battery box. Anyone who has one for sale please call at (517) 750-4029 or e-mail at sjrogers at
    Guy Andersen wrote on Wednesday, December 13, 2000 (PST):
  • The LU-2482 engine was used on a 12-A John Deere pull type combine. LU-2482 combine engine will not fit a L John Deere tractor. We have a LU-2482 engine and L John Deere tractor with mower. Are you interested in a plow or two? We have a few to choose from.
    Mike Johnston wrote on Friday, December 08, 2000 (PST):
  • I have a John Deer Power Unit engine (#LU-2482). Can anyone tell me what it was used for? It looks like the same engine used on the Model L.
    Aaron huff wrote on Wednesday, December 06, 2000 (PST):
  • used one up to the early 90 s great tractor
    Scott wrote on Friday, November 17, 2000 (PST):
  • In 1939, My grandfather bought an L model, right off the showroom floor, in western N.Y. My Dad used it during WWII to plow and cultivate "victory gardens" --he was only 13. After my grandfathers death in the mid 70's, my Dad and I brought the L to Missouri where we restored it to its original condition. Now on my own fathers passing, I find myself with a tractor that bring back the best of memories. I cant wait to start making more great memories for my kids with that old L.
    Felix Cincotta wrote on Monday, November 06, 2000 (PST):
  • i am 18 yrs old. when i was 16 i purchased an LA for $1300 in decent shape all complete and started right up. it also has calcium in the back tires. i managed to find a pair of cultivators for it but i am looking for 2 other pieces of equipment one is the 1 bottom plow for it and the other is the planting attachment they made i think it was called a pl-12 planter. also if there is any other equipment specifically made for the LA could u please e-mail me i would like to get it anywhere in the new england area
    john quick wrote on Saturday, October 28, 2000 (PDT):
  • I'm looking to buy an L or LA John Deere tractor. I live in Southern Calif. Project or runner OKAY.
    Dale Ridenour wrote on Tuesday, September 26, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have a large selection of good used and allot of new reproductions parts for sale for the L series tractors. You can e-mail me or phone at (513)-988-0390. Also have a web site at
    Erik wrote on Tuesday, September 12, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have a John deer la I got for free out of my uncles junk pile just got done rebuilding it it still has the id tag.I had also just bought a farmall bn that I wish to use in tractor pulls can you give me a price that those tractors might be worth.
    Erik wrote on Tuesday, September 12, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have a John deer la I got for free out of my uncles junk pile just got done rebuilding it it still has the id tag.I had also just bought a farmall bn that I wish to use in tractor pulls can you give me a price that those tractors might be worth.
    Will wrote on Monday, September 04, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have just purchased 1938 L unstyled with i believe the hercules runs but needs some work ; tires ; some metal work and housing the drive shaft goes into and the driveshaft cover...any one know of or have any good resources for parts,literature etc? thanks alot!!
    Steve wrote on Saturday, August 12, 2000 (PDT):
  • Looking at a 1942 L with snow plow & garden plow, good condition. What is a fair price.
    STACI wrote on Monday, August 07, 2000 (PDT):
    tracy wrote on Thursday, August 03, 2000 (PDT):
  • How much horse power did the John Deere 2 cyl. hercules motor have and what years did they put the hercules motors in the John Deere L.
    Tracy wrote on Thursday, August 03, 2000 (PDT):
  • what year was the first john deere L made.
    Brian wrote on Monday, July 31, 2000 (PDT):
  • I just purchased a 1945 L and which was outfitted with cultivators. I would like to know what other implements were made for the L. e-mail me Thanks.
    KW wrote on Monday, July 24, 2000 (PDT):
  • re; Bud Madison. Hey I dont exactly know what its worth, but my father has one and its restored pretty nicely except needs new rings or valves....seems to have a lose of power from this. Just a guess but I would say this type and year with manuals should be worth $5,000 to $10,000. Anyone else with an estimate? (or guess). Happy plowing!
    BUD MADISON wrote on Wednesday, July 12, 2000 (PDT):
    Roy C. Wolf wrote on Tuesday, July 11, 2000 (PDT):
  • It is sure nice to see an L Model John Deere; they had an LA John Deere 2cylinder combine engine in them; I bought a used one in 1956 with a mower, one bottom plow, and a one row cultivator. Mower hung on underneath and was driven by a belt attached to the drive shaft; the cultivator was a one row as you stranded the row to cultvate; mine had an innovated old car emergency brake installed on it to act as a handle clutch(someone thought it had to have a hand clutch to be a JD; the foot clutch was pushed by a bracket welded to it; I farmed with it as my only tractor near Russell,Iowa, in 1956 and 1957; I paid $300 for it and the attachments; that was the money I received when I was mustered out of the USArmy in 1956! Pleasant memeories of a bye gone era! I rake hay with it as we put up all the hay in stack there in southcentral Iowa--cattle country--wish I could go back and live those time over again. Everyone helped each other; is used a neighbors disk and corn planter and we plowed, mowed hay, and put up hay together!
    Doug Kroese wrote on Saturday, July 01, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have my eye on a 1938 Styled L, Serial #626145. Runs well, tires are good, sheet metal fairly straight. Recent restoration by ametuer. What is a fair price for this tractor?
    Gene Richards wrote on Thursday, June 22, 2000 (PDT):
  • I am in Massachusetts and have a John Deere Model L for sale(Ser. 621170). It is in need of some work and parts but is in running condition.
    John Pape wrote on Wednesday, June 14, 2000 (PDT):
  • Hi, in Seguin, TX I am needing to part with a model L styled 1939 0r 1940 John Deere tractor in good running condition? If interested e-mail for info.
    norman wrote on Thursday, June 08, 2000 (PDT):
  • i have a 38 or 39 john deere L i removed the magneto to set and replace points how do i reinstall it to the proper firing order and timing all i seen is 1 punch mark on the magneto gear i cant get it to fire the crankshaft has been moved since i took it out thanks . norm from geneva Ohio 1-1-440-466-3839.
    N.A.LANE wrote on Friday, May 26, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have a 43 la it's the first deere i have ever owend i got it 3 years ago it's the coolest one to drive becuse since it i have picked up a 48 B + a 64 110. but the LA is the best. the 40' was a great decade. !pop pop pop pop!!!!!.. NIX in FL
    george davis 5 19 00 wrote on Friday, May 19, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have my dad,s 1940 J D L and a 1937 JD L Ilove them
    Levi Peters wrote on Saturday, April 22, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have 3 John Deere L's An L W/ A Hercules engine, an LI w/ John Deeere engine, and an LA . I am looking for A reasonably priced unstyled L,in the midwest. Some engine parts are avail- able from J.Deere. Sheet metal is another story. I had to make my grill drive shaft cover and belly pan (under front axle). The hood from an early LUC engine is similar but needs some modification. For engine parts the LUC is readily available at auctions. I enjoy reading the comments of fellow collectors -ors. Send me an e-mail if I can help. Levi
    JERRY SARCHET wrote on Monday, April 10, 2000 (PDT):
    John Morrison wrote on Wednesday, March 29, 2000 (PST):
  • Looking for a L, LA, or a M or MT in the northern Iowa area. If anyone nows of one please let me know.
    Reb Williams wrote on Tuesday, March 07, 2000 (PST):
  • After looking for a year or so for an L or LA, I lucked into one a couple weeks ago on the computor. It was only a couple hours drive and I bought it. It doesn't appear to need much except for paint. ID tag is missing, as is often the case, but it will be ready for the show this fall.
    Tim Detwiler wrote on Thursday, February 24, 2000 (PST):
  • Is the steering sector on the L the same as on the LA
    John Morey wrote on Saturday, January 08, 2000 (PST):
  • My Dad and I rebuilt a John Deere L 25 years ago. I used that tractor seven more years and then sold it to a neighbor down the road. From that day on, I watched it go down the drain.It pains me to see such a good piece of equipment go to ruins.Having a family of 4 and an ex-wife, I am trying to save enough money to buy it back and rebuild it again.The lady that has it thinks that she can make it run;"I Don't Think So Tim"!If I keep asking about it, maybe she'll let it go for nothing.
    Thomas Waugh wrote on Tuesday, December 21, 1999 (PST):
  • I have a 41 LA that my grandfather bought new. It has been handed down in the family. For 30 years I have driven this tractor and now it is restored. I use it for shows, snow plowing and giving rides to the future owners, my three daughters. It is hand started with a crank, no eletrics, and runs better then it did when new. What a beautiful tractor Deere made. I also have a 48 Model B that I'm restoring. It is used also for Snow Blading. And of course...the sound of these two tractors...Breathtaking at times.
    Keith Clymer wrote on Sunday, December 19, 1999 (PST):
  • I am looking for an "L" just for driving around our field with my son. It doesn't need to be for a show,just mechanically sound. I live north of Philly, Pa. Thanks
    Kenneth M Bronner wrote on Friday, December 17, 1999 (PST):
  • I have been a proud owner of a LA for over 33 years. when we purchased are first home the home owner through it in with the home because it had a big garden. now we live on a 420 acre farm and our son and grandson take good care of the "Johnny". it has all the attachments, plow, disk,drag and snow plow. It will always be part of our farm.
    JD-8 wrote on Sunday, December 12, 1999 (PST):
  • I had a '38 JD L, serial 625203. It was evidently the 204th styled L. There were about 1000 unstyled L's made, and about 12,000 styled ones, so any L is a relatively rare find. They were made from 1937-1946. The early ones, including mine, had a drop-in Hercules 2-cylinder engine. Later the engine was made by JD but still had the same dimensions. The obvious difference is that on the Herkys the engine and clutch housing are two seperate pieces, with the JD model, they are all one piece. The LA is similar to the L but is about three horsepower more and it also was built a little heavier and has 24" rear wheels, compared to 22" on the L. There were 12 or 13,000 of them made, too, so in all you had about 25-26,000 L's and LA's made. The 22" tires are hard to find but they are still available-- keep trying! The L was practically the only tractor in America made to ride on those tires. The LA began manufacture in '41 and went to '46. Both the L and LA, along with the H and BR series, were replaced by the model M series from 1947 onward.
    Dan McArdle wrote on Friday, December 10, 1999 (PST):
  • Does anyone know where I can find a L or LA for sale in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana. I live in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, IL.
    Kelly Maloney wrote on Monday, November 29, 1999 (PST):
  • I want to find an AC model G and/or a John Deere model L in north central texas (Wichita Falls area)that is in need of retoration. Willing to drive three hours in any direction to look. Must be reasonably priced.
    Mark wrote on Friday, November 19, 1999 (PST):
  • I would really like to find a piece of literature on the unstyled L.I know these are fairly rare but if anyone could keep me in mind if they know of one or if they see one I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks...815-747-2613
    Guy in Sandy Eggo wrote on Thursday, November 11, 1999 (PST):
  • I have an L or LA which is apart but really needs fairly little heavy restoration. two ??; 1. where are good parts sources, and do a lot of guys just get parts rebuilt locally; 2. what is the difference between L & LA models? Thanx
    Steve Shiver wrote on Thursday, November 04, 1999 (PST):
  • So glad to know there are other model LA's out there. My 1938 is a worker, pulls 14" turning plow, splits touch rocks with it front blade! It spits oilly soot out the stack now, so time for a rebuild and carb. redo. Where does one find such parts?
    James Borders wrote on Sunday, October 31, 1999 (PST):
  • I found a 1941 L down in the woods close to the Okeefonokee swamp that had been sitting for about 9 years and it took about 4 Hours to get it running. It runs and looks pretty good. Iam going to restore it this next year and take it around and show it off. So keep your eyes and ears open all the time because they are still some out there somewhere.
    Fred wrote on Friday, October 29, 1999 (PDT):
  • I am looking for a John Deere L or LA for sale in the Wisconsin/Michigan/Minnesota area.
    Bethany Newman wrote on Saturday, October 16, 1999 (PDT):
  • My father has an LA sitting in his barn. He bought it to restore but hasn't been able to find a good place to start. He's looking for a parts or operational manual. Does anyone know where I can find some information to pass on to him? I would appreciate any bit of information. Thank you.
    Wally Walen wrote on Friday, October 08, 1999 (PDT):
  • Just purchased a 1941 Model LA today. It's in great shape, and I got two JD plows to go with it. I have a modern 870 and an antique H, as well.
    C. Douglas Caffey wrote on Monday, September 20, 1999 (PDT):
  • I have Have located an L model in good condition. What is a reasonable price? Can needed parts be found for this model? Thanks for your comments.
    Mitchell L. Wilcox wrote on Friday, July 09, 1999 (PDT):
  • I have recently purchased an L John Deere and need a new grille. Any information that would help me is greatly appreciated. My home phone no. is 912-632-2090. Thanks.
    John Follasa wrote on Thursday, May 20, 1999 (PDT):
  • Was this model produced into the early 1950's and known as the "Jumpin Johnny"? I recall driving one in Ohio (where I grew up. If you popped the clutch the front end would jump up, hence the name.
    Dave wrote on Thursday, April 15, 1999 (PDT):
  • I think these tractors are not liked as much because of their size. I never liked them until I bought an LA. Once I sat on it I loved it. These tractors are easy to work on and have very little sheetmetal. The one downside is the serial tags often fall off since they put them right where your foot goes when you get on it.

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